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    2nd heart surgery -possible

    Eva- my Mitral Valve and Tricuspid valves are doing wonderful.They left my aortic valve alone during surgery so my heart won't get traumatized any further.They said within 5 years,I will need to get it fixed.Its 2 years now and it will be getting fixed. has anyone had a second surgery before...
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    2nd surgery

    I had Mitral Valve Replacement and Tricuspid repair in 2016. During my check up last week,they noticed my aortic valve is leaking more. Will they open me up or through the side? anyone else gone through this.I have mechanical already,so I'll be getting it for the aortic valve.
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    2nd heart surgery -possible

    Hey guys!Its been awhile since I've been on here. let me refresh - i had Mitral Valve Replacement and Tricuspid Repair on May 3,2016 and have mechanical valve. i get ECHO every few months. i had one last week and they discovered my aortic valve is starting to leak more.I know my surgeon said...
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    surgeons implanted smaller mitral valve?is it normal?

    Hey guys! Its been awhile since I've said hello! i had Mitral Valve Replacement ,19 months ago at 31.Because I am 4ft 9.I was given the smallest mechanical valve which is for kids.Im lucky..because they had a hard time trying to replace it.So its the smallest one!
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    18 months Nov 3rd

    Seems like May 3,2016 when I was going into the operating room.Everyday is a miracle to be alive. Im still getting use to my valve ticking fast.scares me at times. cant believe it's 18 months!
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    Is it true that once they go in, things are never the same after?

    I had Mitral Valve Replacement on May 3,2016 at 31.I haven't felt this liberated since 2010 when I was starting to show some symptons of something.The months leading up to my surgery ,I couldn't walk.Now I can walk everywhere! sometimes it feels like I'm running.
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    Hi Everybody!

    Been awhile since I've been on here :) How is everyone doing? As you know,I celebrated my one year anniversary on May 3rd!Im back to doing hour workouts now.I recently went to the mall for the first time in a year,and I walked the whole place three times!!! Before,I couldn't walk without...
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    Coughing Fits after OHS

    I've learned not to eat strawberries because that makes me cough.So does egg sandwich from starbucks
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    Coughing Fits after OHS

    I've learned not to eat strawberries because that makes me cough.So does egg sandwich from starbucks
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    35 years

    Congratulations!I just celebrated my one year on May 3,2016.I had MVR.
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    A week after surgery, my story

    Dreamy885- Welcome to the club.I had Mitral Valve Replacement and Triscupid Repair on May 3,2016.I was 31 and misdiagnosed with asthma back in 2015,when it fact it was my heart failing. How long were you in the hospital? in my case,I was sedated for 6 days and was in the hospital for a total...
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    May 3rd-1 year anniversary

    Wednesday will be my One year anniversary!!! i can't believe how fast it went by.I am grateful for a wonderful medical team. i love hearing my valve tick! keep ticking!
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    I don't need a TEE!!

    I was suppose to have one on May 2 with my cardiologist.But,because my mechanical valves is one of the newest valves;I also get an echo with my surgeon as well.So,we had another ECHO done on 4/19 and the results were very exciting!!!! My surgeon personally called the Cardilogist and they...
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    TEE on May 2

    It's where they put a small camera down your throats to see your heart and how it's working.
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    TEE on May 2

    Yesterday,I had my follow up to my ECHO.My cardiologist thinks he saw leakage in my aortic Valve,but because my mechanical valve is shadowing it,I need a TEE done. it will be on my one year anniversary of MVR.Has anyone had this procedure done and can you really feel it go down?I know your...