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  • Tony, who did you see about the Ross, Peter Skillington or George Matalanis?
    The usual reasons for not being able to have a Ross are you have an aortic aneurysm; or the pulmonary valve doesn't look strong enough to handle the pressure in the aortic position.
    The pulmonary valve can also be bicuspid however this is a very rare condition.
    Human donor valves are as good as porcine and bovine valves, however are not used very often as there is a very limited supply.
    Human valves are usually used for Ross's, patients that require emergency surgery for endocarditis OR they have some other complication that makes them unsuitable to animal valves.
    Good to hear that you are doing well after surgery.
    Tony welcome aboard to VR.
    Come out of the shadows and give us a post.
    I always like hearing from Australian members.
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