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    Need for pacemaker post-AVR?

    Thanks Lynn, the cardiac rehabilitation nurse was to pass on the information to my cardiologist regarding the upper 140 BPM limit. My situation is a bit more complicated as after the surgery I have a fistula between two chambers of my heart. The cardiac rehabilitation nurse was of the opinion it...
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    Need for pacemaker post-AVR?

    I had a mechanical valve installed in November 2020. Surgery went well but a week later while in hospital recovering my pulse dropped to 23 BPM. I spent a night trying not to sleep for fear of the worst until I was moved to a cardiac critical care ward. The surgeon told me I would need a...
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    My 15 yo daugther - soccer dreams on warfarin

    "Her doctors say she only really got one option, a mechanical valve, due to her young age" - I think I would take the doctors advice. I'm thinking there could be more factors involved than your daughters age. You should question this. Why I say this is that I was offered a tissue valve...
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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    I found it very difficult to tell people about my heart condition and OHS when I was a teenager. At that age, I could get by without my condition being noticable. If you can share with people around you the details of your heart condition you might find some good people to share your life...
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    Unusually LOUD heartbeat

    I have a loud thumping from my repaired heart (mechanical aortic valve, Dacron to repair ascending aorta and a pacemaker) I had an echo done 4 months after surgery after I said it to my cardio who then noticed on the echo what he called a fistula between two chambers of my heart. He thinks...
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    26 & awaiting mechanical valve

    I had my 4th OHS in 2020 and had a mechanical valve inserted. I had a homograft previously. For warfarin, like others I find setting a daily alarm sticking to that time works well as well as using a weekly pill box. I attended a warfarin clinic in the hospital where I had the surgery for about a...
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    Born-Again Valver

    I had a homograft AVR at 17 years old. It lasted 5 years. I choose another homograft AVR at 22 that lasted 16 years. It corresponds somewhat I think with the data in @pellicle's post. Without any proof, only my own intuition, I put the homograft I had at 17 lasting 5 years down to teenage (and...
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    Variable/pounding heart rate following AVR/Aorta graft

    After OHS in November 2020 I noticed my heartbeat seemed louder. I had an echo done the following April and the cardiologist saw that after the surgery I had a fistula between two chambers of my heart. He put the louder heartbeat down to this.
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    Pig heart transplant

    I saw that article, it's interesting. Yesterday I also saw this article which sounds promising for surgeries in general
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    Before and after run times

    Hi Chuck. It's really my own estimation of my situation. Not doctor's orders. I've a pacemaker installed also since the last AVR. I went to cardiac rehab about two weeks ago for the first time since the surgery and done a step test. The physio said I was not able to break out into a run as yet...
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    Before and after run times

    I had my second AVR in 2004 at the age of 22 where I had a homograft inserted. In 2012 at the age of 30 I ran my quickest 5 km at 20:27. I found I was able to live a full, active and carefree life while this valve was functioning. At 38 I noticed I was running short of energy after exercise. I...
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    How did you discover your valve issue?

    Was diagnosed at birth with a murmer. OHS in 1990 at 7 years old. Aortic valve homograft at 17 that lasted only 5 years so repeat Aortic valve homograft at 22- was given the option of homograft, mechanical valve or Ross procedure for that surgery. Last year was feeling a good bit tired after...
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    12 years ago today, Bentall Procedure

    Happy anniversary!! I'm new to this site. It's good to hear of experiences that are familiar to me. I had a bentall procedure in November 2020 with a pacemaker installed a week later as my pulse dropped to a low level. Going good now and glad to be alive. My level of exercising is lower than...