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    Voltaren, Arnicare, Aspercreme, Salon Pass and back pain on blood thinners

    Hi everyone, Lately I have pulled a muscle on my back twice by doing very little in the span of 3 months. Also once I got a stiff neck. I did ask about taking ibuprofen and many of you have done so and tested more often. I was told I could take one Advil when I first hurt myself and no more...
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    A long time ago they would give me antibiotics on an IV. Now I have had colonoscopies and couple endoscopies recently without antibiotics anymore. Doctor said we no longer need them . I also have mechanical heart valve and pacemaker. Good luck.
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    Issue with a Roche Coaguchek INRange

    Just curious. I have also a Roche meter. How does the test kit work? What made you think maybe yours was not working? Thank you.
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    Things in Nature that Affect the INR

    I recently asked my cardiologist what can I take when I pull a muscle in my back and really hurts besides Tylenol. He said I could do ONE dose of Advil when I first hurt myself ONLY. Good to know. I have pulled a muscle twice lately.
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    I have been dealing with Biotel and my insurance. They corrected an error on billing me for something my insurance pays (Cigna). I guess we will see if things are better now. Phillips? I haven't heard that name but I didn't call this week because I went to Quest labs since I had to get a blood...
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    Self-monitoring INR from the start

    I asked Lab Corps what they used as a reagent and their answer was none of the above. I believe they said Siemens. That is all the information they would give. Next time I had a blood draw I went to Quest Labs and I was 3.5 at home and 3.2 at Quest with one hour difference. I think I am...
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    I have done colonoscopy off warfarin and on warfarin. They have never found a polyp so my last two have been on warfarin. My doctor said he plans on only doing one more because I am now over 70 and never had a polyp. Surprised me because my brother and cousin had colon cancer.
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    Hi Tom. So if I understand you correctly you do the first on Warfarin and hope they find nothing?
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    Roche Coaguchek XS

    I this necessary to do? How do I know what I have?
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    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    Thank you Pellicle. I feel better.
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    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    Hi Pellicle, I did a test a week later on my Coagucheck and it was 3.4. I called Roche as Eva suggested and they said it depends on what reagent Labcorps uses? Roche uses Dade Innovin. She said if the lab uses a different reagent that would explain the difference. Honestly how am I supposed to...
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    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    Hi Eva, I called Roche and they said they use a reagent called Dade Innovin. If Lab corps uses something different that would explain the difference. So how am I supposed to know what Lab corps uses? Is it all the Lab corps? Or does each have their own? I know Protime told me not to worry about...
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    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    Thank you Eva! Roche sold to Bio Tel. I could ask Bio Tel I suppose.
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    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    He made no comment. I was asking him if I could stop the aspirin as recommended by internist due to gastro issues. He said to stop aspirin and that was it. We were talking over email. Maybe he wants an office visit to discuss further....