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  • Hi Scott Hope your doing well! I have not been on the site for a while,i ve been missing everyone and felt the need to reconnect!!! drop me a message as to how your doing ttys
    Rachel RZG
    Hi Scott I will be at the CCF this monday for preop tests. I have a gap in my schedule and would like to meet you. I will be there with my sister and husband. If 4:00 works for you let me know. If not i ll be there for a while (hopefully not to long) ttys

    Rachel 609 313 7341
    Hey Scott,
    I posted this for general consumption re: that I given the assumption I would be scheduled for a meet & greet w/the surgical team a month before the surgery. Instead I was scheduled4/4 Mon for tests & 4/6 Weds for the surgery. I figure since you had your AVR done by Dr P & at CC you would know if that was usual. I don't know if I really care, but I haven't given any preference re: the valve to any of his staff. Does Dr P know what he's going do just from looking at the previous tests (extensive & twice) what he's gonna do? I still have some questions about the incision, anesthesia. Maybe that Monday will enough & it will give me less time to get all overstressed.
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