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    Scars and ticking

    Hello, I’ll answer your questions with my experience. 1. Never had a desire to remove my scars, I actually don’t mind them as they serve as a reminder to me what I’ve gone through. 2. yes! I hate the noise my valve makes. Mine ticks and thumps. I hear and feel it all the time. It’s like...
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    Starting gym

    You shouldn’t have any issue preventing you from a weightlifting routine- always verify with your dr first. And of course listen to your body. I’ve lifted heavy weights for 10 years, before my surgery and after. If your looking for a routine, check online there are tons of free routines out...
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    Mitral Valve Post Aortic Valve Replacement

    Hello all! I recently learned my mitral valve is leaking, at least moderately ( possible more but the dr didn’t specify). He’s concerned enough to order another echo and maybe a TEE. He said that this could have been caused by the sutures when my aortic valve was placed. Possible some geometric...
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    Knocking sensation on sternum

    Jumping in to say my heart thumps, knocks and clicks! Mostly knocking- sounds like somebody is ‘knocking on the door’ only the door is the inside of my sternum. I hear, but mostly FEEL it. I found it very annoying for about 6 months- now it’s just mildly annoying. I’m almost 2 years post op. I...
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    Low INR question

    Wow this is all such great info! Thank you so much! I actually missed a call today from the acc clinic director, who left a long voicemail explaining why my INR range is lower. It was all just a bunch of garbage, in my opinion. Although I appreciate him trying to explain it all- he didn’t...
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    Low INR question

    Hello everyone ! I just hit one year post AvR with my onyx valve. This was my second valve, the first being tissue. 3 months ago I developed a DVT in my upper extremities. My INR at the time of the clot was 2.8 ( per lab draw). My clot was likely due to my pacemaker lead, as the clot formed...
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    I have a similar experience. My first surgery I received a tissue valve, which beat very quietly. I had my second surgery in July 2018- and now have a mechanical valve. Each beat feels like my heart is punching the inside of my sternum. It’s not just a sound, but a percussion felt throughout my...
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    How Do You Stay Heart Healthy?

    Personally, I exercise 5-6 days a week. Mostly weight training. Cardio one to two times a week. I am also vegetarian, and eat primarily a plant based diet. There is a great dr. I follow online who is doing a lot of research on vegan plant based diets for clients with heart disease. She...
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I’ve had both a mechanical and a tissue valve. I did prefer my tissue valve as it was silent, and I never knew it was there. After full recovery, I felt completely normal. I chose mechanical on-x the second time to avoid a 3rd surgery. The ticking was not something I was concerned about before...
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    Does an active lifestyle decrease the longevity of a bovine aortic valve?

    Not sure about a specific study, but others have already commented on that. My tissue valve lasted 13 years. I was 25 when it was implanted. During those 13 years I had another baby, ran hundreds of miles and lifted very heavy weights. My tissue valve was ready to be replaced at 13 years but...
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    New to Coumadin and vitamin K

    I could be wrong, but I wonder if it would be better to just start taking your supplements now, instead of waiting and having them potentially affect your INR again later. I do remember it taking some time for mine to settle into its spot, and going to the clinic seemed very annoying in the...
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    Mechanical Valve - clicking

    I can hear mine, and I can also feel it. Feels like there’s a hammer in my chest thudding on my sternum. Real awesome.
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    2nd AVR rough recovery

    Feels like I’m never going to break out of this place! Today is seven days. They just put me back on Iv blood pressure meds which is one of the things i can’t be on if I’m getting a pacemaker for some reason. The doc said they want me ready to discharge before I can have the pacemaker. I guess...
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    2nd AVR rough recovery

    Good morning everyone! I am writing this from my hospital chair as I recover from my AVR replacement and ascending aorta replacement last Monday. First valve was 2005 Edwards bovine tissue valve. Made it 13 years and replaced with a onyx mechanical valve and graft. So so far my recovery has...
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    Time off after surgery

    Thank you for your replies! I guess I was posting this question as a guest for some reason. I work a desk job and was hoping to go back to work part time after 4-5 weeks- but I really don’t know. My last surgery was 13 years ago and I don’t remember how I felt at 4 weeks, 5 weeks etc. I just...