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  • Hey Marra, haven't heard from you, hope you are still doing good and healing up. Get back to me soon marra I miss you terribly;'-( hope you saw the vacation link to see the Grand Canyon, will send you another link to see the British Virgin Islands when I get back from there too;'-) Got to share my favorite places with my friends. Aye lass, now get ye self back in shape, so ye canna talk with me again;'-)
    Hey Marra. Wow whole new look. Chat is gone, and I can't access blogs. Guess i ain't a high enough user.
    Hey, Sarah Louise! I'm Selma Louise. Sounds like you're an old pro in the heart surgery department. I can't believe all the surgeries you've been through. I'm a real newbie but the support on this group has been great. Thanks for your good wishes.
    Wow, Sarah, hats off to you, it sounds like you have been through a lot at only 16 years old! A late yet warm welcome to VR.com, this is an awesome group of people! We also have a group on Facebook, if you are on there.
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