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  • Hi there, thanks for posting. Yes, we ADORE PUGS!!! I think getting a Whippet is an excellent idea! Our Sandy doesn't like to walk far. When the weather is above 70 we limit our walks to the corner and back. They are definitely COLD WEATHER dogs. That can be bad news for Texas Pugs.

    Good luck with your walks!
    Welcome, Robojerry! I have posted a response to your concern for life-expectancy. Please cleck it out! (I just attended a lecture on recent tests of a medicine found to reverse many of the problems associated with the genetic abnormalities of Marfan Syndrome and, according to the main researcher, will also help Bicuspid Aortic Valve people who have aneurysms.)

    Oh, and I am one of those crazy Americans who loves EastEnders, even though we are stuck with 7 year old episodes over here.
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