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    Younger aortic valve replacement patient experience

    I had a mechanical valve put in almost 2 years ago at 28 years old. The only thing it’s really prevented me from doing that I’ve wanted to is playing rugby for the local club. I continue to exercise including weightlifting, and I’ve been able to travel to Vegas, 8 different countries in Europe...
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    3 Month Follow-Up / Pleural Effusion

    It can take time to clear up. At around 2.5 months I wasn't feeling great so I went to ER to be safe. I had a pleural and pericardial effusion which was there from before. Nobody mentioned the pleural effusion and I wouldn't have known if I didn't look at my own images and read the report...
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    CT Scan w/Contrast or Echo....which is to be believed? More Accurate?

    Hi Roxx, I do CT scans for a living, CT is the more accurate test. The issue with echo is they are limited to how they can visualize the anatomy. The Aorta sits at different angles and the one performing the ultrasound tries to capture the anatomy from the top of the chest. They can't always...
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    Excercise and post-surgery recovery

    Sorry I meant stairs as a form of exercise, like the stair master. I was able to do a flight before being discharged but they told me initially to try and stay on the main level of my house to try to avoid going up and down multiple times.
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    Excercise and post-surgery recovery

    I had my surgery just over a year ago when I was 28. I spent the first two months doing walking only. I had a program to follow from the hospital that started with multiple short walks a day and gradually increased to less walks but longer periods of time. At around 2 months my cardio said I...
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    Home from the hospital!!!!

    Glad to hear you are home. It's always a good feeling returning home from the hospital. I'd also recommend following the doctors orders Best wishes going forward
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    10 months since surgery

    Hi Jimmy, I am around 10 months post op as well now. I have protein powder daily and once we found my dose I have been stable for the last few months. This is the one I use: I have been fortunate to be able to exercise regularly and it's been a big part...
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    Time off after surgery

    My surgeon told me to take a full 12 weeks off. When I initially heard this leading up to surgery I thought it was too long and wanted to make it back earlier. Once I had my surgery I realized I didn't need to rush back(was still being paid close to full) and I took my time and enjoyed my...
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    Surgery Date- get to keep my valve

    I had my aortic valve and ascending aorta replaced 9 months ago now at 28 years old. My life is very much like it was before except for having to take Warfarin and manage my INR. Apart from that I have been given no restrictions on exercise which I do regularly including weightlifting. All the...
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    In shock - 12 great years later, just discovered I need another OHS

    Best of luck with your decision and upcoming surgery! I'm glad you were able to enjoy your last 12 years and am sure you will be fine moving forward.
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    LivaNova Bicarbon Aortic Valves gets CE Mark for Lower Target INR in Low-Risk Patient

    Very interesting. I have a carbomedics carboseal and am keeping my INR in the range of 2.5-3.5
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    Appreciation (and metoprolol question)

    I started out taking 25mg metoprolol post op. On a 2 month follow up my cardiologist changed me over to 2.5 bisoprolol. Just recently after I asked if I would be able to get off the bisoprolol he decided to reduce the dose to 1.25 (about 8 months post op).
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    Anybody here in Toronto?

    I am in the GTA as well. Got a mechanical valve put in July 12th. When I take a deep breath in I can definitely feel my heart thumping. It's only with a really deep breath. When breathing normally I don't feel it. This has improved over time, and I am on 2.5 mg bisoprolol and baby aspirin.
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    Great story on fitness trainer with BAV

    Good read :) I've just got the okay to do some weight lifting post-AVR which was great to hear as I've been dying to try to gain some muscle back since the surgery.
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    Going in 5:30am

    Good luck!