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  • Thanks Kathy. You are right, my wife is very upset too about it but I think we must try and rise above it. At least they are not living close by.
    Yes Patrick, you think that a great education would make people wiser and a bit more compasionate, but sometimes that simply is not the case. Like you said though, I think it's some sort of phase they are going through. Most likely they would be this way regardless of where they lived.

    Take care
    Patrick, I am so sorry about your son and his wife. Yes, that kind of situation is always devastating to a parent, but even more so, as you recover from your surgery.

    Please take care!
    That's amazing that you can walk 4 miles, I can barely make it up the stairs. I'm not the best at family advise, but you can email me at [email protected] I have no idea why your son is acting like that, I have a ton of drama in my family and only 4 weeks out of surgery I'm going to have my two teenage cousins moving in to my house. I feel to fragile to deal with this stress but my father thought it would be best for them here since their mother is dead and father almost dead. I can't say no. Anyways shoot me an email, it will probably help me to talk to someone who is doing well and it might make you feel better to know you are past the difficulties of 4 weeks out. I've never in my life walked 4 miles so really I think that is fantastic. I would be happy when I can walk around the block.
    glad you are doing well. 22 weeks and walking 4 mile great, and you will get better and better,yes am doing fine,nice to talk to somebody whos local, neil
    I am doing really well and after 22 weeks from the op. I am still trying to get fully fit and can now walk 4 miles. I was so bad going into Castle Hill that I had to have a chair lift installed at home and use a wheelchair. They certainly did a great job on me and Mr Guvendik saved my life. I don't think I would have lived much longer as I was. I hope you are feeling well again too.
    Best wishes
    hi there,he was supposed to, but at the last minute mr cowan stepped in, both very nice men,so how you doing?
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