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    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    Next month will be 4 years for me and my 25mm St Jude Regent mechanical AVR (+ CABG, they were there anyway) which went in due to endocarditis of my poor bicuspid valve (had no idea I had one until the doc told me in A&E) at age 35. After clinic cardiac rehab I spent some time with a personal...
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    19 Year Anniversary

    Congratulations Caroline! What type of valve has been doing so well for you all those years?
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    Eight and still ticking on !

    I really like the sound of that, eating fresh seasonal vegetables, cheese, wine, France, wauw 😋
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    Ferro and INR

    I was really quite anemic after my surgery. So I took Iron supplements for quite some time to. Iron went up rather slowly so kept on taking them for a bit longer than two months, never a problem with my INR. Can’t remember if it was written on the box but I think taking them in the morning...
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    Foldax valve trials

    I think ‘failure’ in the context of valves can be interpreted broader than just things breaking of. I would be surprised if mechanical strength hasn’t already been tested in vitro using test setups putting these new valves in overdrive. Failure by calcification or other forms of smaller but...
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    Ibuprofen okay with new tissue valve?

    Hi BB25, many heart patients, recipients of mechanical valves in particular take warfarin or a derivative thereof as an anticoagulant. The combination of those with NSAIDs such as ibuprofen is known to increase Risk for gastric bleeding. aspirine is in principle also irritating the stomach...
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    29 years

    Congratulations, good stuff; inspirational to read these things are possible!
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    New to forum

    Hi Adam, good to have you here! This is the right place to be and definitely also the right time to ask questions (also to your consultants btw, ask questions, everything you are worried and concerned about) I had my mechanical valve at 35 (4 years ago) I was a CAMRA member at the time, so you...
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    New Member Early 30s BAV, Aortic Root Dilation, Wondering about Woodworking

    I don’t know Dan if you have youngsters (yet) but I was thinking the other day, and I don’t know exactly in lbs, but my 4yo daughter is ~23kg now and still she want me to carry her up the stairs bringing her to bed or throw her high up in the air. the thought of me having to say no to that and...
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    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    ProTimeNow, you sure have done some research....Interesting how, from what I get from your description, the CoagSense seems to contain a Tiny mechanical part, I would argue that the electrochemical solution of Coagusense would be more robust but that’s only slightly educated and more of a gut...
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    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    Big differences indeed. I just had my Coagucheck XS check last Thursday. Of course when I go to clinic for this (2x a year) I test against another, clinic calibrated, XS. it was spot on so I would say the XSs can be precise but because of the fact there was no lab test I have no idea about the...
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    Coag-Sense versus CoaguChek xs and labs

    This is so incredibly difficult, I hear you say “significant“ and “(in)accurate” which are terms used in statistics, I think it is very difficult to try and say anything statistically meaningful about the differences you record that could then be used to correctly describe the performance of...
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    New Member Early 30s BAV, Aortic Root Dilation, Wondering about Woodworking

    Hi Dan, thanks for sharing you story. I can relate to what you’re saying, I have to say that even after almost 4 yrs I still struggle with the impact my surgery had on me. The realisation of something being seriously wrong with my heart/health made me also want to control every aspect of life...
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    Paravalvular leak

    Thanks for Sharing your thoughts on this. I have to say I feel extremely lucky with the expertise center I am a patient and from where I am being monitored. I have a lot of confidence in my cardiologist but what you are saying does also make sense to me. It does make me wonder though if a...
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    Paravalvular leak

    Thanks for sharing, I do hope you will be able to get your check-up soon and you’re alright. As far as sports, I am taking it easy, I run and that’s a great way to let things go.