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    Royal Paworth

    I was in the old hospital in Papworth village 5 years ago for an emergency procedure. My valve started to have bits break of causing embolisms throughout the body. Even then I got postponed, was supposed to have mine in the morning but then a heart-lung transplant came in between. So not an ICU...
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    Wauw! Congratulations and thanks for being an inspiration! I don’t know how it was for you back then at 31 but I took it pretty hard at 35. Badly In need for some perspective and surgeons and doctors can simply not give that the way you do by sharing this with us. Good stuff, thanks!
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    I have about a dozen 😅 they all look the same like this. Right in the centre you can actually spot a couple of tiny vessels sprung but you are right, the look atypical for a bruise. Other Interesting fact, I saw a couple of the others’ bruises not on any Coumadin and some of them are a lot worse...
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    Went playing airsoft yesterday. Fantastic activity, running, crawling and diving whilst dodging bullets. Awesome, can highly recommend it. Took a couple of hits on the forearms and legs, but nothing to bad on an INR of 2.6 (when I got home after the pubcrawl 😎).
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    There were times I was super careful indeed, not exceeding 2 a day. Fortunately, I now know things aren’t as bad and I regularly enjoy my liquor again. To quote my surgeon when I asked him about life on warfarin; “life is for the living”.
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    Thanks all, for sharing thoughts and experiences, I’ll make sure to post footage of the best of bruises should I catch a couple of nice ones. 😀
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    Have a bachelor party coming up and idea is to go airsoft-gaming. That’s quite common here in the Netherlands, followed by BBQ and pub crawl. For those who haven’t heard of airsoft; it is like paintball with smaller pellets shooting from replica rifles. Looking forward to it but have no idea...
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    Hi everyone from England

    Hi Paul, got my mechanical AVR at the old clinic in Papworth whilst they were building the new one in Cambridge. You’re in good hands there at Papworth. Mr. Stephen Large was my surgeon at the time. There were a couple of complications afterwards but the valve itself is doing really well after...
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    Did you have a follow-up echo 4-6 weeks post-op?

    Hi Amy, I got the impression that after surgery there’s a switch of tracks. First I had a stress-ecg 6 weeks after surgery which was still part of surgical discharge and a prerequisite for the commencement of the in clinic cardiac rehabilitation program, all under surgeons supervision and in...
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    Age of Mechanical Valves

    Sorry, what I meant was ofcourse the fact that a rigid thing like a prosthetic valve and the changing shape of a growing heart 🙃
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    Age of Mechanical Valves

    Hi EMJEF, Good to hear your st Jude has been doing well for you for so long! Never would have guessed growing up is possible with a prosthetic heart valve. Can you share why it needs replacement now? Cheers, Pete.
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    90% event free survival rates with mechanical valves. 30 years period!

    You had something broken on a Toyota? That’s really bad luck we have a history of driving Toyota for two decades now, 95% incident free. 😁 interesting metaphor still. Ford could come with a new model and promise me the same but I’d have a hard time believing them just because they say so and...
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    Cleaning finger before pricking with lancet

    Hi MdaPA, warm water and hand soap should do for a finger prick test. I usually press down using some paper towel, takes a couple of minutes. Use a band aid when I am in a hurry and need to keep moving. Quite certain a band aid with some iodine may help, although it really shouldn’t be necessary.
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    A slight crisis of confidence

    Hi Miguel, good you are here! I can really relate to what you write, had exactly those feelings, even after my surgery for a while, sought counseling fir that. Now I can tell you that you will start to feel and be strong again in every sense and you will see that as that happens you will start...
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    9 weeks picture (shirt-free)

    Any thoughts on risk of endocarditis when breaking the skin with the needle? I have played with the thought of getting one myself but the “risk” of infection kept me away from it.