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    Bleeding issue

    Thanks for all your replies guys , I am now doing well thanks and the 6 days of urinating blood was diagnosed as kidney stones which has now been resolved , but I must admit was a extremely painful experience . Regards Paul
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    I just passed ten

    Congratulations on 10 yrs Pellicle, here’s to many more 👍
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    Bleeding issue

    Hi all , looking for a bit of advice , could an inr of 4.3 cause me to wee mainly blood this morning, first time ever and out of the blue . Thinking of going up my local hospital . Regards Paul
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    Another dilation

    Thanks for the information Chuck , good to hear your doing well , I’ve just come back from work on a building site so I’m on the sofa , not a stepper like you lol 😊 sending best wishes 👍
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    Another dilation

    Hi Chuck , thanks for the reply I hope you are doing well , I’ve got another scan at the beginning of next year and I will ask for the exact measurements and hopefully no changes for me and I will send you the measurements so we can compare . How are you finding things post surgery ?
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    Another dilation

    Best wishes for your upcoming scan Pellicle 👍
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    Another dilation

    Hi Leadville, hope you are well , I’ve had ct scans and mri scans since my surgeries and nobody has ever mentioned a dilation before . After my last scan I had no feedback due to covid and the NHS being so busy . Then last month I had a telephone appointment and the consultant said there is a...
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    Another dilation

    Thanks Pellicle , hope you are well . 👍
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    Another dilation

    Hi all , I’ve been told I have another dilation just past my repair of the aortic root after having the David procedure 5 years ago , the valve repair unfortunately wasn’t a success so I had a second op to fit a mechanical valve months later . The valve is doing great it’s just what they call...
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    Made it to the other side

    Best Wishes with your recovery x
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    Tomorrow is my day for AVR

    Best Wishes for your surgery x
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    Merry Christmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas 🎄and a Happy new year to all of you xx
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    Aortic Valve Replacement feb. 18th 2020

    Best wishes
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    Best wishes to you Seaton
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    5 Year Mark

    Congratulations and Best wishes 👍