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    Vertigo, Visual Disturbances and 'wobbly' feeling

    I never had any of these migraine auras or visual disturbances until the day after AVR. The doctor on the cardiac ward said they “often” happen after heart surgery. I would guess he’s come across it a fair amount working on a cardiac surgical ward. Perhaps cardiologists don’t know of the...
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    Vertigo, Visual Disturbances and 'wobbly' feeling

    Ever since AVR I’ve had episodes of migraine aura (zig-zagging pattern in vision, lasting about 20 mins each time) but no headaches, episodes of double vision which make me feel dizzy, and bright ‘blobs/sparkles of light dancing across my vision. I have a tissue valve, no warfarin. Sometimes I...
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    Are we high risk?

    From BBC (below) study discovering that patients with severe Covid-19 have exceptionally low T-cells. They don’t mention that T-cells (T-lymphocytes) are controlled by Vitamin D by activating intracellular VDR and genes (a couple of links below). From the BBC: Immune clue sparks coronavirus...
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    Staying the Course -- May 19, 2020

    Still enjoying the stunning good weather here in England. Lots of vitamin D from the sun. Still in lockdown but getting our shopping delivered no problem. Keeping up my walking exercise indoors and doing weight lifting too. No doctors or dentists yet, they don’t see people except for emergencies...
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    From what I understand it is the dentist who is most at risk - the patient is open mouthed, and, if asymptomatic, could be breathing Covid-19 virus towards the dentist….but the dentist has, hopefully, good protection from a mask :) UK dentists not seeing patients for non-emergencies yet.
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    Warfarin advantage

    Article in the Telegraph this evening: Blood-thinning drugs can help save Covid-19 patients' lives "The NHS is set to issue hospitals with fresh guidance on blood thinning, which is likely to eventually lead to carefully administered higher doses for the critically ill." "Specialists at Royal...
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    I have the coronavirus.

    Hope you continue to get better @Art O Ceitinn ! Do take it easy to recover well. Is O negative blood group not a good thing ? I just found this: Pros and Cons of O Negative Blood Type - Pros an Cons I'm not sure how scientific that is, apart from the being universal donor bit ! (I'm O...
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    Staying the Course -- April 28, 2020

    My GP put me on the government's extremely vulnerable/high risk group the week before last. This means that some supermarkets are now offering priority delivery shopping slots so that makes life much less stressful as we cannot go out to any stores, and although I've managed find find slots most...
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    Are we high risk?

    I don't take warfarin, but since vitamin D comes from the sun and it's a necessary substance for human life (vit in vitamin means vital - actually it's a hormone but it's called a vitamin and is vital) I don't see how vitamin D could cause a problem with warfarin - yes I know we're talking about...
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    Staying the Course -- April 21, 2020

    Thanks for the link to the New York Times article SB. I haven't got round to ordering an oximeter yet..... Continuing my exercises, walking about four miles a day, sometimes a bit more, in my living room and upstairs, and weight lifting using my weights and weight lifting bench. And getting...
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    Are we high risk?

    In the UK press today articles reporting that Public Health England (PHE) is recommending people take a supplement of vitamin D. As usual it is completely carp advice. PHE says people should take 10mcg, that’s just 400IU of vitamin D3 per day. That amount of D will take no one out of...
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    Coronavirus April 2020: look for low blood oxygen?

    I don’t need to know my heart rate but my blood pressure monitor (A&D) gives an accurate heart rate along with blood pressure. I also have a Polar heart rate monitor which is pretty accurate, it’s a chest monitor which beams the result to my iphone, but I don’t often use that these days, it was...
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    Coronavirus April 2020: look for low blood oxygen?

    That Kinetik approved one looks okay and it says they are tested for accuracy and is available with five day delivery.
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    Coronavirus April 2020: look for low blood oxygen?

    It's a bit weird Andy - that link and all the other N/R ones on Amazon are despatched from China and take till end of May or early June to get here. Things I've bought in the past from Amazon from China have all been poor quality and I don't think they're so well covered with Amazon Marketplace...
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    Coronavirus April 2020: look for low blood oxygen?

    I've thought of buying an oximeter but the trouble is which one is reliable? Previously I've looked at these and found very mixed reviews. Does anyone one have a recommendation ?