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    Pectus Excavatum and a Mitral Valve Repair

    Hi @morganbrenton I have a degree of pectus excavatum, not severe but always noted by cardiologists ever since I remember, and on scans. When I had aortic valve replacement the surgeon had planned to do a mini-sternotomy but couldn't access my aortic valve that way and had to go on to do a...
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    Staying the Course -- 10/14/19

    Hi SB - any chance your doc can organise someone to give a bit of help ?
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    Daily Aspirin Post Aortic Valve Replacement

    Hi Seaton - I've no idea why I've never been prescribed aspirin....and you don't know why you have been prescribed it ! Very strange. And strange that some people have it long term and others never. Might be just be due to some cardiac surgeons' protocol ?
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    Daily Aspirin Post Aortic Valve Replacement

    Hi @Seaton - sorry to hear they are prescribing you Omeprazole long term. I'm sure I have read recently that this, and other Proton Pump Inhibitors, are being advised to be prescribed only short term as long term they have many side effects. They interfere with vitamin B12 production, interfer...
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    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    Hi @CarolM - just seen your thread as I've been away. I've had high pressure gradients in moderately 'stenotic' range, though the valve is not stenotic, since AVR with Edwards Magna Ease bovine 19mm valve when I was 60 in 2014. Turns out my valve is too small and I have moderate patient...
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    Staying the Course -- 10/08/2019

    Lovely to hear such good news from you SB ! I'm back home from our trip to France. It is so cold here in England ! We're in winter clothes here while last week we were in summer clothes in France. We had a a good time with lots of strenuous hill walking most days and lots of good food.
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    Inconsistent BP. Med changes?

    I couldn’t figure out from your posts if you are doing your own readings inbetween the doctor’s….just seen you do it. The problem with measuring blood pressure is that even with your own monitor you can get anxious about getting a high reading which actually then produces a high reading. I take...
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    Still struggling cardio wise running, etc. 2.8 years after Aortic Valve replacement

    I totally agree. I'm really interested in Paleolithic history (hence my username). Hunter gatherers in the paleolithic era hunted mammoths to near extinction, that despite the small human population. At the time when cave paintings were done at Lascaux and other caves in the Dordogne, around...
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    Staying the Course -- September the Fuzzy Week 2019

    Quick post to you from la belle France @Superbob - good to see you on forum after your surgery !
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    Staying the Course -- 09/08/2019

    Wishing Superbob all the very best !
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    Murmur after surgery

    I had a murmur straight away after my aortic valve replacement in 2014. On discharge from hospital I saw my GP for a repeat prescription of the meds I was given. GP listened to my heart and noted "very loud murmur". I am sometimes used as a patient for MRCP Paces exam (doctors who moving on up...
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    One day at a time

    That's so worrying for you Seaton that suddenly things not right. I'm glad the cardiac nurse called you back and is aware of things. Wsihing that you feel better very soon and that the symptoms resolve.
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    TAVR/TAVI: Recall of SAPIEN 3 Ultra Delivery System Due to Burst Balloons During Surgery

    In the UK the "minimally invasive" procedure can be either a mini-sternotomy or a through the ribs incision. Both require the patient to be on bypass/heart lung machine. But here from the Annals of Cardiac Surgery: though I've seen some US sites...
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    Staying the Course -- 09/02/2019

    Hi SB - I thought of you yesterday when I read that the dreadful hurricane was heading your way. What with that hurricane in your area of the world and our government in chaos today......hope things will be okay for everyone.
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    TAVR/TAVI: Recall of SAPIEN 3 Ultra Delivery System Due to Burst Balloons During Surgery

    Minimally invasive surgery is also how "mini-sternotomy" (approx 4 inch sternotomy instead of full length) is described. So minimally invasive can either be between the ribs or a shorter sternotomy incision. Either way it's open heart surgery and heart lung machine the same as a full sternotomy...