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Sixth year out from surgery. Aside from a somewhat elevated resting heart rate--a bit higher than it should be considering my fitness level (about 80-90 resting), my heart has healed so well my cardiologist recommended echocardiograms only every other year. Praise God!

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rural area outside Buhl, Idaho, United States
I had emergency open heart surgery on December 12th 2007 for a flail mitral valve. More specifically, the central posterior leaflet chordae tendineae (both of them) ruptured. I had a mitral valve repair with a ring annuloplasty. My heart was exami
I take only 325 mg/day aspirin for very slight possibility of clots, and 20 mg/day of Lasix to deal with slight residual problem of abdomenal edema from my original heart failure back just before surgery. Also take salmon oil gel capsules for omega-
Was a chemistry professor, now a farmer and a stay-at-home Dad for two young children.
I used a Google search. I was seeking a support group for valve repair. Seemed like this place, despite its 'replacement' part of the name, was appropriate. The rest is history


Emergency Repair of Flail Central Scallop Posterior Leaflet of Mitral Valve December 12th 2007
Two Chordae Tendineae Ruptured
Carpentier Procedure, Dacron Annuloplasty Band, Model 4600, 32 mm
Dr. S. Scott Huerd, St. Lukes, Boise, ID