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    Lp(a) is CAUSAL for AVS!

    If you are coming here with a normal tricuspid valve and CALCIFIC DEGENERATIVE aortic valve stenosis, don’t let anyone here dump on you for having “done it to yourself”, as happened to me. High Lp(a) is determined by genetics and some people have shockingly high levels of they have more than...
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    AVS and Lp(a)

    Lp(a) is a CAUSAL factor for calcific AVS. Mine is about 13 times normal due to having a pair of mutant alleles in my genome at rs10455872. Do you know your Lp(a)? If you have AVS, then you should, because high Lp(a) is also causal for coronary artery disease and treatments to lower it should...
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    High Lp(a) increases speed of AVS progression

    Yes, and high Lp(a) typically accellerates the progression of AVS. I’d get it checked.
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    High Lp(a) increases speed of AVS progression

    Absolutely. And yes, a calcified tricuspid valve at age 53 seems like a red flag for high Lp(a) to me. Have you asked your doctor to check your Lp(a) levels yet? It is rare for a doctor to check them unprompted, because historically there has been nothing they can really do to lower them (they...
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    High Lp(a) increases speed of AVS progression Original publication in JAMA. I just emailed my cardiologist asking if this new evidence could help get me on Repatha, but I already know the answer will be a look of mild irritation and a repeat assertion that the drug...
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    High Lp(a) increases speed of AVS progression

    Just something for those unfortunate people who have AVS due to extremely high Lp(a) levels and end up coming here for support and advice...
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    TMVR outcomes similar to conventional surgery

    Not sure if you all have seen this yet - looks like good news:
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    More on Lp(a) ICD-10 codes! “”Convincing evidence has emerged from pathophysiological, epidemiological, and genetic studies that Lp(a) is causally related to both CVD, which includes myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and heart failure, and...
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    Lp(a) gets ICD-10 Codes!

    In response to the Lipoprotein(a) Foundation’s 2017 application, two International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 10 codes have now been approved by the CDC for elevated lipoprotein(a). These ICD-10 Diagnosis codes will help identify the global population at risk for early heart attacks...
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    Lp(a) gets ICD-10 Codes!

    The actual link would be here:
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    Jeff Green—NBA Finals with BAV + AA

    One thing that seems absolutely true, and that this forum has been good for, is realizing that AVR doesn't mean being crippled for life. There is nothing stopping most people with an artificial valve from doing whatever physical things they want to do.
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    LivaNova Bicarbon Aortic Valves gets CE Mark for Lower Target INR in Low-Risk Patient

    Wait, wait... So people in the USA can't get this thing? After it's been around for a quarter of a century? I wonder what part of the swamp caused that - they didn't genuflect before the FDA quickly enough, or line the right pockets? Jesus.
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    Heart valves and inflammation

    If memory serves, you are paying about $7000 per year - about half what I’’d have to. American docs won’t even prescribe the stuff unless you have FH and have had a heart attack. Edit: You’re in the UK, right? It’s UNDER $7000 there...
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    Heart valves and inflammation

    One dose every two weeks costs over $14,000 per year here in the USA. Are you paying that much? I think we have discussed this before, and you are not. You do know that the USA is the land of overpriced medicine, right?
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    Heart valves and inflammation

    Geoff, High Lp(a), particularly that caused by the “G” variant of SNP rs10455872, has been found to be a causal factor for AVS. In fact, that “G” variant is the single most powerful causal genetic factor for AVS that has been found to date. I have two copies of it and was diagnosed with AVS...