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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    nearly 14 yrs for my porky pig, still going along well no problems apart from a small leak which my cardio said is nothing to worry about, only trouble is my mitral is leaking so keeping an eye on that one,
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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    havnt been on here in awhile so thought id pop in, glad to see a few of the old faces still around, see the old chesnut still around lol, ive had my porky coming up 14 years and still honking away, agree with a lot on here its what make you sleep well on a night, no bad choices just good ones...
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    Would Like Feedback on Both Pig & Cow Valves By Medtronic and Edwards.

    hi becky, Had a pigs valve for the aortic and had it 11 years no problems and going great, best decision I ever made, good luck
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    Considering the end of VR.org - Looking for your thoughts

    sad day if it closes down, but so many have left and cert not as busy as a few years ago, whichever direction you choose hank thank you, think of yourself and your good wife, best wishes mate
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    Advice please on my Aortic valve

    hi, at 51 if you choose tissue you will need another op, but having mech doesn't mean you wont either, my tissue is 11 and still going strong plus no warfarin and for some the problems which can occur with it, have a word with your cardio and surgeon, remember no choice is a bad one, good luck
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    2nd heart surgery -possible

    sorry to hear that, hearing more and more of mech valves failing, shows unfort theres no quarantees in valve surgery, I hope you get sorted and it lasts awhile longer, good luck,
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    In shock - 12 great years later, just discovered I need another OHS

    Kristine hi, am sure your in good hands and will be fine, if there recommending another tissue I would lean towards that, there not experts for nothing, mine is 10 yrs and still honking away and with no warfarin to worry about, but the choice rests with you, good luck
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    Bio vs Mechanical for a 31 yr old

    hello mr fox, as you can see theres differing views on choices, imo both are good as its gonna save your life, both have risks imo , I have a tissue and its still honking away after 10 years, everybody is different and sees things in a different light, do whats best for you, theres no bad...
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    Still waiting

    wow I hope you get sorted out and soon, it sounds like a nightmare,
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    Edwards new valve ... Inspira Resilia

    have another chat with your cardio and surgeon, there is no quarantee with it but then again theres no guarantee with any artificial valve, we make a choice whats best for us and go for it, I had a piggy 10 yrs ago and its still honking away, good luck
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    It’s time to start thinking about Prosthetic or Biological Aortic Valve

    good point, always go with a professional opinion, these are fully money back guaranteed with a full replacement warranty. Medical experts are the ones who save your life and never make mistakes (just ask Cherie {link}). Indeed asking questions here is pointless as has just been observed, we...
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    It’s time to start thinking about Prosthetic or Biological Aortic Valve

    i posted something positive on valve replacements on here, that's all, again the sarcastic reply, as far as the INR Goes i will say this ,you know as much as anybody on here,
  13. neil

    It’s time to start thinking about Prosthetic or Biological Aortic Valve

    why are you so aggressive in your replies, all I said was yes we can pass on our opinions after all this is a forum, but also stated we are not medically trained unlike the doctors and professors we see, why all the sarcasm it really isn't needed ,
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    The old members

    Just looking through the old posts and we have lost so so many of our old members, they have drifted off for whatever reasons so many who am sure some of you remember, this forum for whatever reason is not as busy as it used to be and that's a shame, hopefully we will get new members joining