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    HI luv... great pix.. thakns for your note.. I go in feb 8 for cath; 2 9 is V DAY if I can look as good as you I'lll be a happy camper.

    will stay in touch and am also on in adam pick's site. both are good forums.

    be well and thanks again. beautiful bride. too Hugs, Nancy thanks again. !
    Yeah - not long ...
    I have managed to swing three days consultancy work this week so should help keep my mind occupied - and pay for some Christmas presents ;-)
    Hey - the drive down through France was brutal - we had temps in the mid-30s and our air-con wasn't working. The kids were not best pleased! Worth it though.
    Thanks for the support mate - appreciated.
    Cheers - Steve
    Hey Neil - sorry not to get back to you - I've been busy with one thing and another ...
    Time has sailed past though and I'm on my last two weeks of waiting now - I'm due for surgery on the 21st.
    Had my pre-op assessment last week and so am on final countdown.
    Finished work a week ago (end of a two year contract) - I have a position lined up at Hull Uni to start next January so am kind of lucky. Spending my time swimming (in a lst ditch effort to build up a bit more resilience!) and sorting out all the stuff I never had time to sort out when I was working!
    How was France? We had a brilliant time - am looking forward to going back next year (taking my bike with me though so I can get out and do some rides ...)
    Hope all is good with you.
    Did I actually send this yesterday? Sometimes technology leaves me for dead!
    Not sure if it was in my outbox, my drafts folder, my trash or where the hell ... but thought I'd send it again to make doubly sure!
    Hey - fine thanks Neil
    You know - good days, bad days.
    Had a stage when I was rethinking the valve choice issue - but am still settled on tissue.
    Looking fwd to having a break from work (away into France for a couple of weeks) ...
    Still waiting for the call to go for assessment - after which I should get a date for the op, but am still hoping for October. I'm getting a bit stressed with feeling crap a lot of the time (aching chest, breathlessness, palpitations, tiredness - shall I go on?!) but am keeping pretty positive most of the time.
    Thanks for checking in!
    Take care - Steve
    hi Neil
    as spurs fan the football season is like groundhog day! and watching a spurs games does your heart no good at all LOL !
    how you doing ? been on hols yet? hope i have posted this in the right place LOL
    hi Neil
    new i was doin sumthin wrong just didnt konw what Lol , hope this is right ! wont write anymore case it is wrong!
    Hi Neil
    going good thanks almost at my year now {22nd oct} just check in again for a look at whats going on ,see theres been a bit of a split and a new forum started whats that all about?, hows you doing porky pig still pumping strong i hope!
    I'm partial to the earrings myself, but happy to know you appreciate the rollers. Gives the look a little extra pi-zazz!
    Hi Neil,

    Hope you and yours are doing well. This is a great pic Neil! From the photo, I believe this daughter favors her Dad.

    Take care
    Hiya Neil,Donna here.I am still not sure how to reply to messages ? :) any way hope i have just make a break through in sending this .Thanks for your message .I am 3 months post op and have to say, of course i have had up and downs, but as of now I feel GREAT. I think that LITTLE JOB that they did in the hospital worked !!! :)
    Energy on the up ,havnt got any sort of exercise plan going yet but hey here comes beautiful september and im ready and able :)
    take care of your self
    Neil, is that you in the picture? Today's the first day I noticed it, but then I'm not very observant. Everyone looks fantastic in it!
    Hi Neil,

    Hope Christmas and New Years was a good one for you and your family!

    We are all well here in Texas. So happy to have a bit cooler weather. I really enjoyed the rain today too!

    Take care
    Neil, Happy belated birthday!! You have a new little grandchild I see?

    I just celebrated SIXTY myself. It was rather painful, (ha) but happy to be here!
    Hi Neil!

    I'm doing well. I post once in a while. I was thinking about sending you a message via your regular email.

    How is everything with you? How are the grandchildren?

    Sorry it took so long to respond.

    Take care!
    hows you doing thought i would check in see whats going on , almost 2 years now since my op my my dont time fly! you got over your mid life crisis yet and got your self a nice economical car yet LOL
    Thanks for that Neil - we're planning on heading down to near the Alps - not too far from Switzerland (Geneva). Should be a nice break ...
    Hope your trip goes well.
    Cheers - Steve
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