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    New but Lurking for Months!

    I agree. I used the other site to keep my friends & family updated, and to encourage other patients. I came to THIS forum for data and personal experience. I felt I was able to express myself more here as far as fears and concerns, without worrying about upsetting my family.
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    Pre-surgery panic & anxiety

    6 years today! EAT CAKE!
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    Improvements resulting from your valve replacement

    "I think his point was that many of us who think we are asymptomatic are living in bodies of adjusted to the symptoms. " I think you're correct. I didn't know how sick I was until after the surgery. Meredith
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    Improvements resulting from your valve replacement

    I was 42 at my replacement. My pre-op symptoms were fatigue (needed 12+ hours of sleep/day), always being cold, and pale skin. I remember my husband saying how much color I had back in my face when I woke up from surgery. Any fatigue I have now is because I'm fat. I have no more issues...
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    Skittish physician

    I choose to NOT let my PCP take care of my warfarin. They could do it for free - but it would be a blood draw, no nurse to talk with, and a delay in the results. And I don't want to self-test. So I self-pay at my cardiologist's coumidin clinic (it's just a nurse in the office). Costs me about...
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I may have previously chimed in on this. Anyway.... I started having aura migraines around age 20 (before diagnosis) and chalked them up to college life - heavy drinking, copious caffeine, and little sleep. They continued, along with dizzy spells, and I just went along with them. Primary doc...
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    Lip Bleed Won’t Stop

    I used to have horrible sores in the corners of my mouth. My dental hygienist suggest I apply liquid vitamin E several times a day. So I did, and the sores healed and I haven't had them since - 20 years-ish. But that was before warfarin. It's worth a shot!
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    It's a new normal you'll have to define for yourself. I was 42 at my surgery, and a CDL driver. I was driving my car at 5 weeks, and back in the big driver seat at 12 weeks per DOT regulations. I probably could have driven the bus at 9 or 10 weeks, but I was still taking naps. I new I had to be...
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    I made it to the other side!

    Amen! I think sometimes when I get going I might talk too much about my surgery, But then I think....whatever. It's my story and I'll tell it!
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    Dental Surgery

    Eew eew eew Haha, that's actually pretty cool!
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    Dental Surgery

    I had AVR 5 years ago/On-X/warfarin. About 2 years after surgery I got a tooth infection. DDS gave me 10 days of amox to clear it up. That tooth had already been root canaled 20 years ago, so I opted for a re-do. A year later, the infection came back. I did another 10 days of amox, and started...
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    How long till your back to normal?

    Welcome to the forum! Warning - you'll get brutally honest answers here that aren't sugarcoated like other forums. (That's why I'm still here!) Tell us about yourself.
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    Desperately need advice on Tissue or Mechanical

    Hi, here's my story & observations: I was 42 when I got my OnX mechanical aortic valve. I typically can laser-focus on a sound and not let go of it. I hardly hear it now, mostly when it's time to sleep. So I count the clicks, backwards. It's a very rare night that I get below 70 before I'm...
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    Considering the end of VR.org - Looking for your thoughts

    I found VR first when I was told I was looking at surgery. Then I found Adam's site. The two sites have given me completely different options. I used HVJ to post publicly about my experience and used it as a way to keep my friends and family informed *they can sign up to "follow" your journal)...
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    Dental Implants and Warfarin Therapy

    My dentist has many patients on warfarin. (Welcome to Florida.) I have an On-X valve, with a target INR range of 1.5-2.5. I had an extraction & implant about 2 years after AVR surgery. I did not change my medication, and I did not have any bleeding issues, even with the extraction. The only...