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    Upcoming: ascending aorta and valve replacement

    I had the Bentall procedure in May of 2018 at 49 years old. I also went to Duke and would highly recommend the team there. Just awesome care. My surgeon was Dr. Jeffrey Gaca. I went with the Bovine Valve and had the Dacron tube repair my Aorta. I was in the hospital three days and a recliner...
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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    Edwards Bovine Aortic 1 1/2 years old for me 👍
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    Family planning

    Not silly at all. When I found out that I had BAV, I was very concerned for my kids as it has proven hereditary. These forums were VERY helpful for me. I have asked so many questions here and other forums of people who have BAV. People have been wonderful and supportive.
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    Family planning

    Hi Jill, I found out last year that I had a BAV and Ascending Aortic Aneurysm. Had repair and Bovine valve last May. I am 50 and have three children 12,15 and 17. I did not know I had a BAV and have lived a very active life. Many physicals and check ups through youth sports and never had an...
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    Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery - any tips?

    I also had the Bentall procedure (aorta and aortic valve) last May. My recomendation is to use the breathing thing they give you, walk as much as possible. Netflix binge on a recliner and be patient. Good luck with everything! Worst part for me was the waiting before surgery.