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    Five years after MV repair

    Glad to hear you are doing well!
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    52 years on ONE valve

    Congratulations Dick!
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    Protimenow Update

    Hi. Glad to know you are doing well after such an ordeal. I wish you the best. Take care.
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    Mitral valve RE-repair questions

    Hi! regarding accuracy of TTE and CMR, there is one important thing to take into account: All consensus and guidelines, as far as i know, are based on echo measures. So let suppose (just an example) that echo usually overestimates real regurgitation volume by say 30% when compared with a more...
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    It is time... and hello again.

    Hi! Regarding your question about seeking alternative opinions, you already got excellent answers. Personally, I do not beleive that you have to tell your current doctor that you are looking for a second opinion. You can tell him or not, its you decision. Of course, i am assuming that you have...
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    It is time... and hello again.

    Hi! You mentionned a cardiac surgeon. I assume you also consult a cardiologist. What is his opinion? Keep in mind that surgeons want to perform surgeries... Before any surgery, and moreover if it is a MAJOR surgery, you should have several independant opinions. Delaying a needed cardiac...
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    Big Day

    I wish you the best!
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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Thanks you very much!
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    I almost missed it! ! !

    Congratulations Steve! And i profit the occasion to thanks you for your great contributions to this forum.
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    I made it to the other side!

    Good news! I wish you the best for your recovery.
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    Considering the end of VR.org - Looking for your thoughts

    Hi! Unfortunately, I dont have any solution (or idea) to offer, but i want to express mi gratitude for VR.org. Of course to Hank and his wife for creating and maintaining it. But also to all the site members for their contributions and SUPPORT. Thanks!!
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    Prompt Surgery May Be Best for Heart Valve Leak

    Hi! Just 2 comments on the original subject: 1- This study is not particulary new. It is from 2013, as far as i can see. 2- Mitral and Aortic valves are 2 different beasts. VERY different indeed. No study results about the mitral valve can be automatically extended to the aortic one (and...
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    Saw excellent cardiac surgeon

    What about the millennial method of counting the heart beats for say 20 seconds and multiply by 3? Works pretty well for me!
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    Saw excellent cardiac surgeon

    Great news! Let us hope you can now "forget" about your cardiac condition for some time (at least until your next checkup) and focus on enjoying more your life! We tend to overthink about our cardiac problem (of course i include myself here), and that is not good for our mental health!