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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    Regular self-testing keeps me out of the clinics. (y)
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    Younger aortic valve replacement patient experience

    I also had dental surgery excess bleeding or bridge necessary in my case.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    As stated in another thread, 1.5 mg warfarin daily keeps my INR at 2.5. The ticking is always there, but only noticeable if you listen for it. That's not always a bad thing, you can test your heart rate, see if your heart rhythm is regular etc.
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    Aortic root size and prevalence of aortic regurgitation in elite strength trained athletes
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    Younger aortic valve replacement patient experience

    It's a no brainer. 1.5 mg warfarin daily puts my INR at 2.5 (half a tablet). I fell down a flight of slippery exterior wooden stairs, and broke my wrist, but no significant bleeding to speak of.
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    Options for my son, age 13, bicuspid Aortic valve + server Aortic Regurgitation

    Point taken, but my own hospital experience pre-surgery resembled being in a concentration camp. Always have a strong advocate.
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    LVEF pre and post AVR

    The case study mentions heart dilation (not hypertrophy), so different rules may apply. Unfortunately, cardiology tends to have the same exercise recommendations for both.
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    LVEF pre and post AVR

    Not suggesting anyone delay surgery when they need it, but each case is different. This guy's end diastolic left ventricle size was 10.00 cm with an ejection fraction of 10%. He regained normal size and function: http://circheartfailure.ahajournals....ntent/7/6/1063 He had normal coronary...
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    ​Can a small, acute aortic valve tear heal itself?

    My native aortic valve had a tear...'anterior flail leaflet'
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    ​Can a small, acute aortic valve tear heal itself?

    ​Can a small, acute aortic valve tear heal itself? I had a small anterior flail leaflet that was causing aortic regurgitation. Based on the sudden drop in my diastolic blood pressure (from 80 to 30s), and no previous murmur, the tear could have happened acutely during heavy squats. However, my...
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    Sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to blame fat for heart disease

    For those who blindly follow 'peer reviewed studies' (and dismissed Dr. Dwight Lundell as a 'quack'): Revealed: How the sugar industry paid prestigious Harvard researchers to say fat (NOT sugar) caused heart disease Newly-unveiled papers reveal sugar industry bribed Harvard scientists It was...
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    mechanical or tissue valve

    Mechanical. Warfarin is a non issue for me. Stable and predictable...the only time I think about it is when I take the evening pill and self test every week or so.
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    Possible new anticoagulant: Tecarfarin

    I have extremely stable, predictable results with Warfarin.
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    Aortic regurgitation and sex life

    I had severe aortic regurgitation and didn't have that issue. There could be a lot of potential causes (low t, stress, etc, heart issues could play a part too).
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    Long-term success of ON-X aortic valve?

    Great post.