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    Blood Infection

    I am so sorry. Your cardiologist should have caught your infection sooner and put you in the hospital for iv antibiotics (just my opinion). Did anyone check your CRP? (C reactive protein) I am so blessed that mine was caught early both times and treated. My aortic valve and graft both survived...
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    Blood Infection

    I experienced this twice. Strep infection proceeded to endocarditis. Initial oral antibiotics only worked short term. I was hospitalized and put on IV antibiotics—then a PIC line for self administered antibiotics for 4 more weeks. (Both times).Fortunately they treated my infection correctly and...
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    I’ve been having the opposite problem. I have Medicare and private ins which pays the total cost. I have gotten bills 3 different times for an amount that my insurance company has already paid. 🤬. So I call, have to email them a copy of my EOB from my insurance co and then hear nothing more...
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    Resting Heart Rate

    I had a rapid heart rate for 20+ yrs. I took verapamil which lowered pulse to 90’s and metoprolol which didn’t do much. Sometime after my ohs (1 or 2 yrs) my cardiologist put me on Bystolic. My pulse dropped to normal like magic. Not recommending for you—but it’s a thought. I have also noted...
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    Not a hug milestone compared to others, but today is 3 years

    I actually think the early anniversaries mean more—the memories are fresher and you go through more adjustments. So—hugs to you.
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    Dental work post-surgery

    From someone who has had endocarditis twice (unknown reason)—taking your antibiotics is more important than lowering your inr. You do not want to introduce bacteria from your mouth into your bloodstream without antibiotics to take care of it.
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    Celebrating 16 years!

    Congratulations! May you have MANY more!
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    12 years

    Thanks to all of you who contribute so much valuable information.
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    12 years

    Today is the 12th anniversary of my aortic valve/aneurysm surgery. It was a 6 hour surgery and I now have a St Jude grafted aortic valve. I’ve had a few bumps along the way—lost the upper lobe of my right lung due to lung cancer (never smoked a day in my life) and 2 rounds of endocarditis. My...
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    I had an aneurysm of my ascending aorta almost 12 years ago at age 58. I’m assuming there wasn’t a choice back then. I received a St Jude grafted valve. I haven’t had any problems with it and hope it lasts as long as a need it.
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    Mechanical Valves vs Saucisse de Toulouse

    How about planting a few fresh veggies around your house?
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    Looking for a community of fellow artificial valve folks

    Welcome to the forum. When I was in your position 13 years ago I felt a lot like you described. But you are not alone. There are so many kind and helpful people on this site. Self testing has helped me immensely. It puts you more in control of what’s happening to you. If that’s the route you...
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    New to Warfarin

    I would think that as long as you are on the same amount of fluconazole every day, you should still be able to stabilize your inr. I have been on cephalexin for a year and a half due to 2 bouts of endocarditis and don’t have a problem with my inr.
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    I was surprised that I needed insulin injections for a day or two until my pancreas kicked back in. I was on bypass for about 3 hours.
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    Coumadin clinic

    I called my cardiologist’s office this morning and left a message (previous messages were online through patient portal). Anyway—“Martie” from my Coumadin clinic called me about 6 this evening. Cardiologist evidently didn’t get my online message but did get the message I left by phone. He must...