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    Home monitoring for coumadin. I have a mechanical heart valve

    Since becoming eligible for Medicare I am using the Roche services. I had previously been using a Coaguchek and strips I purchased myself along with monthly lab visits. Even though I had used my own Coaguchek for about 5 yrs Roche still required me to do training with my Coumadin clinic. THEN I...
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    About face on lancing devices

    I get a t shaped lancing device from Roche. No pen—you just take the cover off and press the trigger. I don’t know what the depth is but it does smart. I never have a problem getting enough blood.
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    Skittish physician

    Just FYI to those who don’t know—-I have Medicare and a Medicare supplement. Medicare covers the Coaguchek xs, all strips for weekly testing and the single use t-shaped lancets. They also cover a $20 monthly charge by my cardiologist. My supplement picks up deductible and copay. I can’t imagine...
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    Just wanted to give a final update on my endocarditis saga. After being in the hospital 8 days and having a picc line put in, I went home and was on 6 weeks of iv Rocephin. Picc line was taken out October 1 and blood cultures were all clear. All testing seems to show there was no damage done to...
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    (Yet Another) Mechanical/Tissue Dilemma – 37 years old with ticking clock

    Warfarin is a nonissue for me. I do what I want and pretty much eat what I want. I have my own meter and check my inr weekly. I couldn’t leave the hospital after my surgery until I watched a video about the effects of warfarin. That video scared me to death. It led me to believe I could bless to...
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    Anxiety about upcoming surgery.

    I had surgery for an aneurysm of my ascending aorta almost 10 years ago. I have a st Jude grafted valve (the ascending aorta and mechanical aortic valve in one piece) and artificial aortic root. My surgery was 6 hours with 3 hours on bypass. I had no symptoms before surgery. I spent less than 24...
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    I have a grafted st Jude aortic valve—surgery date May 3, 2010. I had some afib after surgery for less than a week. My cardiologist wants my inr to be 2.5-3.5. For several years I went to the lab monthly. Since I don’t trust monthly testing I eventually bought my own Coaguchek xs and check...
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    Low INR question

    I have a grafted St Jude aortic valve. My cardiologist wants me in the 2.5-3.5 range. I test weekly and refuse to go longer than a way.
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    Low INR question

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    My infectious disease doctor said he will do blood cultures one mont after the end of my 6 weeks of iv antibiotics. He also said I should probably have blood cultures done any time I run a temp over 100.5——before I start oral antibiotics.
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    Just got back from seeing my infectious disease doctor. Found out my crp was .415 as of yesterday. In 3 weeks it went down from 38 to .415. Wow! Antibiotics are doing their job.
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    Wow! You’ve been through a lot. They didn’t see any vegetation but thought it was probably there. I had been on antibiotics and my culture started growing within 5 hours. My crp was 38. Do you know what your crp was? Was yours strep? Any idea how you got it? I’m 3 wks into my 6 weeks of...
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    CT Scans.

    I have had 12 ct scans in the last 9 years. My cardiologist was alternating echoes and ct yearly. But I had lung cancer (stage 1) 2 years ago that was actually caught by the cardiologist’s ct scan. Upper lobe of right lung was removed but no treatment was necessary. Now I have annual echoes with...
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    Alcohol pads yes or no

    Sorry. This was my first test after a hospitalization for endocarditis. My heart surgery was 9 years ago. I still waste a strip occasionally but not too often.
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    Alcohol pads yes or no

    That is what I have decided to do—-wash hands with warm water and soap, rinse thoroughly and dry with paper towel. Thanks for your input.
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