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    How Many Tissue Valves Don't Last As Long...

    We all get to make our own decisions, no one forces us. Yes, we get recommendations but the decision is still ours. I did my homework and spent many months choosing a surgeon and a hospital. I did also go to Cleveland Clinic as I had other surgeries there. I ended up closer to home at Duke...
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    Importance of self-management

    I also had a personal trainer deliver my CoagCheck XS. It work well and the training was good. You could practice under supervision and get helpful hints. There is phone helpline to answer any subsequent questions. I do use 2 strips occasionally but understand the reason. I usually just get a...
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    Adjusting to new life

    Whatever happened to paying our own bills? Remember if we dont pay our bills someone else is! Nothing is free! Medicare is pre paid insurance. If you have paid enough over the years that is great. If not then the rest of us are paying the bill.
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    Adjusting to new life

    I waited till 65 and medicare kicked in. The Dr was on me for years to get it done. I have an aortic mechanical. ACA was a nightmare, my wife is still on for one more year at full cost, about $14,000 premium and $6500 deductable before any coverage. Over the years I also paid 100s of thousands...
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    CoaguChek XS vs Coag-Sense - quick review

    Between lots for my meter.
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    CoaguChek XS vs Coag-Sense - quick review

    Just a note. I have some of the old strips from the recall. But I never did see any difference in my results!
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    I carry a lovenox shot also but the $25 per is a bit expensive especially if you dont use it. My answer is to weekly selftest. And then if i am a bit low, under 2, i take a 2.5 mg warfarin immediately and continue the normal dose (maybe increased due to the situation). For me the 2.5 mg means...
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    Been there 50 years ago, but I wouldnt say there are a lot or people on warfarin using dope. Sorry. I personally dont know of any.
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    Heart Rate during cardio workouts

    I had a bicuspid aortic replaced withe a mechanical 3 years ago. In the year after also had a stress test. Dr says no limit, however my body says arount 160 is far enough. I am 68. I cycle a fair amount and get to 140-150 routinely. I where a monitor and watch for peaking. I also take 12 mg...
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    May have forgotten warfarin for two days

    I also use a pill box and an alarn and a couple of apps. It is important not to miss. However for me inr changes over a couple days. For me warfarin seems to impact my inr over 3-4 days. If my inr is too low I am told to take a shot of lovenox and get back on the warfarin schedule and then...
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    I now use the generic from cvs with no problem. I switched this year from walmart. I did not have any noticable difference. I am on medicare and only out of pocket the $186 annual deductable. However i do pay premiums monthly, 134,79,18 dollars for medicare, supplemental and drug. I test weekly...
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    Shopping Surgeons, Hospitals

    I used Kiefer and Glower at Duke 3 years ago and had great results.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    You should be able to easily have insurance in the US even if you cant get At Duke the doc made the right decision, we had discussed the possibility and it was the best solution, I completely agreed and was elated to have a mechanical valve after going through the surgery.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I have to agree with Patrick. I got my St Jude mechanical 2 1/2 years ago and it is great. I labored to decide what type of valve. Went into surgery thinking bio valve and came out with a mechanical because of size and space. Boy was I happy. As it turns out after the fact (surgery) the...
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    Tom Let me add a bit more on why. INR is important to me because I don't want to be high. Higher mean more bleeding risk. I am quit active, ski the trees, hike, bike, travel to the family farm and help out for months. These all carry some risk of injury. A couple of years ago I cut myself...