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    i have been to far away from the site!!!! SORRY!! :(

    *i tried to fix my spelling error in the thread title, it wont let me! Are there a lot of people who come and go from this site? Unfortunately I am one of them. I have been realizing it for awhile now but can you believe I have been too lazy to log in.... Joining in 2010 after learning of my...
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    Sex after surgery

    well, my husband only gave me a week to recover..and i am still here.... but i can't answer for the men who have had surgery. that is probably really hard on the sternum....i would have no choice but to wait at least 3/4 weeks after surgery if i were a guy!
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    I've Been Taken Off Aspirin

    i have a bovine valve and was on the prescription dose of aspirin after surgery for 3 months(325mg?), then told to switch to a baby/81mg aspirin daily. they said it is to prevent clots on the valve....... so i have been taking it religiously. some days i do go 36 or 48 hours without one if i...
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    The best time of year for surgery

    i made sure to have it in a month where it wasnt too hot, but nice enough to be able to walk outside to recover and for fresh air. i didnt want to feel cooped up in the house and get depressed!!! i got the cold/flu 3 weeks after surgery. it was TERRIBLEEEEEE!!! make sure you get a flu shot!
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    36 'n' done!

    hey that is awesome! we live so close, this year we have to try to get together for a car show!
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    An Introduction...

    hi tabitha! i feel for you. this was the worst time of my life. i had a baby in december 2008 and another in december 2009. 5 days after giving birth that second time i was told out of nowhere about my heart condition and that i would need surgery that year. i had a huge aortic aneurysm and it...
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    thank u :)

    thank u :)
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    Had my surgery!!!

    congrats laura!
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    wow, awesome to hear everyone is back in the snow after surgery! thanks for your replies!
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    How Many Still Exercise?

    i started working out 3 months after surgery, and joined a huge gym. i try to go every day for at least 1 hour......except for this month, i have been sick for like 4 weeks straight!
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    got a new one for xmas, im excited to get back on think my sternum is good to go? in may it will be 2 years since i had my surgery. how crazy is that? time flies.
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    Another Newbie with questions...

    sorry it took so long to reply, i thought my email would alert me when you replied! it took me 3-4 weeks before i could even physically TRY to lift my then 6 month old but at 6 weeks post op i took my life back lifting my then 6 1/2 month old and 19 month old. having them around helped for...
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    Another Newbie with questions...

    hi there! please message me with ANY questions! i had my heart surgery when my girls were 18 months old, and 5 months old. i know all of your feelings! i had my surgery last year. please let me know how i can help you!
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    Echo report

    awesome :)
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    First Surgery after OHS

    my gallbladder was removed 5 months before my ohs. good luck to you! you will be fine :)