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    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    As I have an anaphylaxis allergy to aspirin and a sensitivity to anything containing ASA so I obviously can’t take it. This was a consideration in my valve choice that I discussed at length with my cardio and surgeon. One concern was, that not being able to take aspirin, I could one day end up...
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    Only three months after surgery, but results beyond expectations

    Awesome bluetux. Those are some pretty impressive numbers.
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    6 months out today!

    Congrats Critter. It’s great to hear you are enjoying life and feeling great. I am a few weeks behind you and recently told a friend who asked how I was feeling that it’s hard to believe you can feel this good with a mechanical valve and a pacemaker. Fingers crossed it continues for you and the...
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    ONE YEAR OUT!!!!!

    That’s awesome, congrats!
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    Pt INR test in Toronto

    I’m from British Columbia and before I offer my two cents it is important to know that all Provinces must adhere to the Canada Health Act, but there are provincial differences in implementation models. Basically, it’s easy. Go to a doctor, and get a requisition and take it to any lab. If you...
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    30 years....but who's counting?

    Congrats on the hitting the 30 years. Keep on ticking.
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    How get used to permanent metal click after aortic valve replacement

    I don’t want to discount how you are feeling and what you are hearing. I did hear my valve more in the beginning. I just want you to know that it does get better. What has helped I think, is working to get physically and mentally healthier. Exercise, meditation and breathing exercises have all...
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    How get used to permanent metal click after aortic valve replacement

    I’m closing in on 5 months and honestly I very rarely even hear mine. It has to be super quiet and I have to be very focused on it. Otherwise I don’t even think about it. The click of my On-x is definitely quieter than the previous wosh wosh of my stenotic aortic valve prior to surgery. For a...
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    It really is inspirational for us “Newbies” (or at least this newbie) to read your posts and hear your story Dick. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, your kinda my hero.
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    three month post op

    Congrats pekster, glad you are doing so well.
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    Covid Vaccines

    Rich, you stated that “believe whether someone chooses to get vaccinated or not is their own private medical choice.” And so it is. I just plain don’t understand the choice of those that choose not to get vaccinated knowing that it’s not a choice that just impacts them. I know by being...
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    Coaguchek INRange ...

    Welcome bece13. The large discrepancy in your INR results would be concerning to me. I have had a different experience with the Canadian Lab system. I live in B.C. and have compared my Coaguchek Inrange to both LifeLabs and our local hospitals lab. Life Labs has always been bang on. Not even a...
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    Covid Vaccines For anyone that wants to understand the “isolated” conspiracy theory better, here is a link to a Fact Checking web site that explains the term from a pathogen perspective and why the conspiracy is a bit well...loonie.
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    Covid Vaccines

    Once again, hats off to Dick for an excellent point. I would venture a guess that most of us on this board owe our chance at a normal life span to medical and scientific advances. Wouldn’t we all like the luxury of a 20 or 30 year track record for the valves we choose and the medical procedures...
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    Thankfully I haven’t experienced the pacemaker Wankebach...interesting term lol. But I have been reading about the possible long term damage left ventricular pacing can Do. It is a bit of a concern for sure, though I know it doesn’t happen to everyone. Those of us with standard two lead pacing...