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    Staying the Course -- 11/05/2019

    Strange, I was just doing that research regarding Plan G and F. It was explained to me that F covered other deductibles besides the general one for Medicare B,($185), like the deductible for blood, ($185), durable equip ($185). Still, dependent upon age, and condition, never really certain...
  2. Lex Luther

    scheduled for ascending aorta, root and bav replace, vsd repair and 2 procedures to stop afib and arrhythmia

    Brynn, I have also have aneurysm ascending aorta, leaking valve with afib, and was told there was a procedure to address the afib when the repairs were made. Did you get any information on this? I am still in the waiting room. Sure you will come out well on the other side.
  3. Lex Luther

    Staying the Course -- 08/26/2019

    Thanks Superbob. Had not seen the clip and found it informative. Thanks for the example you have set in going through this. God Bless!
  4. Lex Luther

    Valve Selection Redux

    Thanks Superbob. My mother just passed a few weeks ago from CHF at the age of 88 and was sharp as a tac. I am thinking that if I get the aneurysm/valve addressed when required and continue to stay active, I might have a few good years left. You hang in there! I am learning from this site...
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    Valve Selection Redux

    My surgeon mentioned that as part of the surgery, there was a potential that he could address the area where the blood was known to pool to help the afib. My afib is not a regular occurrence, having had probably 4 to 5 moderate instances since 2008, which auto corrected within the next day or...
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    Valve Selection Redux

    Thanks Paleowoman. I was not aware of the Edwards Inspiris Resilia valve and will investigate further. My leaning is still towards a mechanical, hopefully something that will not have to be replaced again in my life time. While it may be a small community of people with this problem, my sister...
  7. Lex Luther

    Valve Selection Redux

    I have participated and lurked on this forum since I was advised I had a 4.7x4.7 ascending aortic aneurysm when I was 60. Because I had and have afib, my selection at that time, if surgery was necessary, was going with a mechanical, since I have been on warafin since 2008 with no real problem...
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    1st travel time to Houston, tx

    Having been in the waiting room, and having just completed my 3rd annual testing today, ( test results not known), because I have been relatively asymptomatic, I honestly am pulling for another year in the waiting room. I am 62, and am contemplating a tissue valve, and would like to avoid...
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    1st travel time to Houston, tx

    I assume this will be your annual MRI to see if surgery is indicated. I have been going to Texas Heart and will have my third annual in a couple of weeks. Always results in my surgeon (Coselli) reviewing test results with me. Expect to continue to be in waiting room because generally...
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    I have been on warfarin for 5 or 6 years and have no problem in maintaining my INR taking CoQ10. I take 100mg at lunch and warfarin at night. Started taking it to counteract muscle soreness from Lipitor and distance bicycling. It appeared to help.
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    Medical ID's

    I have a plastic band printed "Coumadin" plus a stainless steel band with medical alert and USB chip that fits inside with all reference information, cardio, surgeon ( in waiting room), medications etc. I checked with EMT's in my area, and they look and can read the info on the chip. The chip...
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    Long term implications of your valve choice when you get other heath issues

    T; I have afib and a 4.9cm ascending aortic aneurysm per my recent MRI and am still in the waiting room. I have been on Coumadin for several years. At 61 I am still an avid cyclist with the blessings of my surgeon, and it has kept me in good shape. Because I have been on the bubble for...
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    How do you get ready?

    Don: Thanks for all the information you have provided. When my sister had this surgery almost exactly a year ago, I remember all of it. She does not. Visiting times were very short and ICU is an experience for family. Your wife hopefully will have family and friends to support her. This...
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