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    Therapy while on warfarin.

    i use one all the time, its not an issue Critter
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    Anyone NEED a meter?

    Hey Tom hope you're keeping well, just to clarify my point I'm not talking about the protocol of post surgery testing or clinic monitoring. Sharky said he noticed a change in INR at 24hours. He has had his valve ~ 6yr if I'm understanding correctly. So notwithstanding protocol , given the...
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    Anyone NEED a meter?

    Just to add to pell's list; any Antibiotics, NSAIDS or grapefruit juice ? also it is worth a mention that cycling from 2mg to 4mg is poor practice. its a much smoother curve to use a constant daily dose ( near to constant as possible ) The information you were given that a dose change will...
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    Valve Choice with history of Cancer. Anyone deal with this?

    I can only offer my best wishes Ottagal. Best of luck with your onward journey .
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    Post Surgery Timeline

    I missed your quote the first time around but that is absolutely correct. @Michael O At about 6 weeks out, I can tell you that the single biggest thing you can do to speed your recovery is to slow your recovery.
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    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    This is the reason one size does not fit all. As @vitdoc correctly points out its a 'trade off' depending on the person's own situation.
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    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    Hi Amy, same here, St Jude mechanical and warfarin however I've never been on or have been prescribed Aspirin . There seems to be a few potential negatives to Aspirin . It's not standard protocol in the UK it's about your personal circumstances and risks. This is a topic I'm currently...
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    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    @tom in MO Thank you for the reply and advice Tom @Warrick Thanks
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    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    Not that I am aware of Bill for a mechanical in the Aortic position.
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    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    Hey Tom, I'm a BAV St Jude guy in the aortic position just like you I understand your colon point but with regard to the range you cite i am failing to find papers on this, would you be so kind as to link any, i like to dial into the detail. my hospital papers show my range 2.5 to 3.5 ( target...
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    Going on 20 years this month

    Hey congratulations Caroline, 20 years is a nice milestone. Enjoy your anniversary.
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    Another dilation

    Hey Paul good to see you here. pity about the news though, do you have any dimensions on the dilation? be interesting to compare your previous size (post opp ) to now. I had a slight worry when i was told my repair had dilated slightly, it turned out to be a variation between different...
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    Covid Vaccines

    I enjoyed that chuck over my morning coffee. Ali appeared to get frustrated towards the end 🤣
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    Is it Curtains for me?

    Hey protime. Sorry to be reading about this. I hope you get some positive and reliable information when you speak to the doctors. Good luck mate
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    Staying the Course -- "On the Road Again"

    Sorry to read about Ellie Bob. It's never easy