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    Valve Choice

    ONX is my valve of choice, Do the research and you will see why. In my openion it is superior in every thing , just search this forum and I think you will find it is the number one choice here ! good luck.
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    I would say ONX mechinical valve at your age, Im 62 and because of no re-op and many other reasons that is what I choose , It is a big decision so do your home work. P. S. the warfarin is no big deal!
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    On-X and Brand Loyalty

    If you want a tee shirt call cathren burnett 888-339-8000 x 265 you can even get a ring with your valve serial number on it, nothing magical there always there for EVERYONE , THERE GREAT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!
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    Nothing to be scared about, But you wont know that until you go through it. For me it was my second open heart surgery. All I can tell you is getting my knew onx mech. valve was a snap. BY pas surgery was much harder After this surgery I was walking 3 miles every other day three weeks after...
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    Thanks to you all. Surgery tomorrow early. Ready, Willing and Able.

    IT wiil be much easier than you think. As soon as you can WALK_WALK_WALK ---IT will really make a diffrence, and you will know it ,even before your release date.
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    Enlarged heart

    Like every one is saying , If you had a small valve opening, your heart is a muscle it got bigger and the left side probley stronger to push the blood through the small opening. Now after AVR you now have a big opening and the left side {muscle } does not have to work as hard and in most cases...
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    Enlarged heart

    From my research most but not all hearts go back to there normal size after avr but it takes up to 15 months.
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    The recovery trap!!

    STEVE_The mall here is really small and I think I would get dizzy going in circles. Today I did the yard instead, Im so wet I look like I did the seven miles. Early this morning it weas 90 at sun rise later today 112 . The normal for this time of year 75 in the morning and a high of 95. IT...
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    Surgery date: Aug. 22

    Great to see you will get this behind you. Ive had two open heart surgerys and the last one just ten weeks ago today for arotic valve replacement was much easier than the first by pass surgery. A few tips. When you wake up lay very still if you still have the breathing tub in.Dont panic and...
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    The recovery trap!!

    I have not tried stairs , just some small hills, Today it hit 112 degrees here in east texas, we now have broke all records and there is no change in sight. I think Im g either going to stop walking or at least try one hour and see . If that does not work I will stop until this God awfull...
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    The recovery trap!!

    Nine weeks post avr walking now 7 miles a day in this heat every morning its about 88 degrees with less than 50 % humidity. Walking at 18 min. per mile.
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    New to this and trying to be as knowledgeable as possible for my father in law

    DO NOT WORRY! you are in Cleveland, the best place on the planet for valve surgery! There might be some speed bumps in the road but they will smoth them out in time.
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    On The Other Side Baby!

    Great news Julian, WALk as much as you can and it will help you feel much better, IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!
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    Recovery - what I think may help some

    Good to hear , now im 9 weeks post AVR was in good shape going in . One year before my surgert I was walking 12 miles a day ,six days a week witha twenty miler once a month. Bear in mind the first six miles was up hill. I turn sixty two in a few weeks from now, Im walking six miles a day six...
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    Home from hospital!!!!

    Great Gena, as I said many times the waiting is hell and the surgery is a blessing. With that said going back to work that fast is not a good idea, no matter how you feel, God will help out, RECOVER FIRST!!!!!!