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Late bloomer. Married in 1968 as expected when pregnant in high school. Became adept at running tractors etc on traditional Midwest small grain farm. Also became fairly radical organic gardener for the family food, because, well, I saw first hand the encroachment of Monsanto and corporate agriculture.
Left farm in early 1990s. Completed college, law school, and practiced obscure government law for a Treasury Bureau for 15 years.

Retired 2016 following diagnosis of bicuspid valve and aortic stenosis.

Became radical organic farmer again for my and family’s food sources

Upped yoga practice ante and completed 500 hours teacher training in late 2018. Taught until I finally became too breathless with heart symptoms in late 2019 . Agreed to somewhat hasty surgery with Cleveland Clinic Jan. 7, 2020

Recovering uneventfully, I think.
May 16
Aortic valve replacement with biological 1/7/20 and aneurysm “nip tuck”
BP meds with a beta blocker
Retired (recovering😎) attorney. Completed 500 hr Yoga teacher training in 2018 . Hope to return to yoga practice and teaching Asap.
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