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    10 year anniversary!

    Excellent. Congratulations.
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    Sweet 16 Valversary !!

    Excellent news. Keep going strong.
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    Is this normal?

    Hi Lily, the part about "I put off calling the dr." and "Haven't been to a dr. in over a year but not scheduled for the cardiologist til next year," perhaps you may want to reconsider. If nothing else, put in a call to his/her office. No harm in that. They may schedule a telehealth visit, which...
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    3 decades ticking away!

    I can do without that kind of fun, but congratulations all the same.
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    Lucky 13 for Bovine Valve

    Greetings, today marks the 13th anniversary of my tissue valve. Many thanks to the good folks at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for having the valve last this long. And props to the cow for his or her durability. As of last check up, it's still holding up strong --"everything sounds good." Go...
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    Yours is an awesome story, Steve. From one former NWMH denizen to another, congratulations on number 9 and may Moo Moo allow you you to dance at your grandsons’ weddings.
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    27-Year Anniversary of First AV Repair

    Yes, @dick0236's numbers are impressive, crazy impressive, the Joe Dimaggio hitting streak impressive.
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    27-Year Anniversary of First AV Repair

    συμπατριώτη, σε ευχαριστώ, φίλε μου.
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    27-Year Anniversary of First AV Repair

    It was on this date in 1993 that I had my bicuspid aortic valve repaired at the Cleveland Clinic. I remember being a scared twenty-something and, looking back, terribly naive -- my biggest concern was if there would be a noticeable scar! Ahh, to be that young and carefree again. (I would go on...
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    Are we high risk?

    I'll jump on this D train. With my long track record, only in the last year or so was I advised to take 2000 IU of Vitamin D cuz my blood tests showed me a bit low. I don't think I've felt its positive effects, but now I'm in normal range. So there's that.
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    Αortic valve replacement

    Περαστικα, και θα είσαι καλά. Έίμαστε Έλληνες και είμαστε δυνατοί.
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    Allow me to reintroduce myself...

    You are a true profile in courage. Thank you for sharing your story. Please continue fighting and keep the faith.
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    News video on TAVR

    Thank you for posting, @honeybunny—I watched with great interest, as I’m always on the look out for the latest on TAVR—and for all your insights, @pellicle and @Duffey (excellent posts, the both of youz). I just got the results back from my echo last week. All “looks great.” No change from two...
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    What's the longest someone's bovine aortic valve has lasted?

    Duffey, 14 years is great. I'm at 12, so this is encouraging. I haven't gone through the entire thread, but I wonder, as the subject heading asks, What IS the longest someone's bovine valve has lasted?
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    12 Years Today

    Mr. Kent, my first OHS was a repair at Cleveland Clinic in 1993. It lasted till November of 2007, when it got replaced with a C/E bovine valve. Thanks for asking.