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    my self management results for 2020

    What classifies an “over” event or “under event”? And how dangerous is it having such an event? I’m sure this is a dumb question but I’m interested and will likely be a self tester eventually!!
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    Cyborg in training

    This was a great thing to follow throughout. Congrats on your recovery and you made having a mechanical valve seem not as intimidating as many think it is!
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    Ross / Multiple Mechanical Valves

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if it’s common to get multiple mechanical valves? Does that change life expectancy or make you more at risk in regards to blood thinners? my cardio only ever discusses my BAV regurgitation which is mild to moderate. But reading my test I saw it says “trace mild...
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    Heart Rate / Pacemaker

    Hey everyone, How common is low HR in this forum? I’m resting of 47-55. Assume lower during sleep. That’s not a predictor of needing a pacemaker is it?? My Cardio says not at all. I have no symptoms or issues with energy and it rises properly with exercise. I run a good amount but not a ton.
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    my time has come

    Good luck!! Looking forward to following your recovery. Best wishes and happy holidays!!
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    Regurgitation Age of Surgery

    Just curious what age those with BAV Regurgitation(AI) required surgery? thanks!
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    Foldax Continues

    Agreed that may be a ways away based on the links/studies I’ve read. Good thing is good or bad we will get data on all of this in the next couple years as they begun human trials.
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    Foldax Continues

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    Foldax Continues

    Jenna valve update from this year is super encouraging with the FDA labeling it a breakthrough device and wanting to expedite the trials. Not sure how that affects low risk patients, though.
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    Foldax Continues

    That’s correct. As someone who has regurgitation and not stenosis, TAVR is a bit behind for me anyway. The JennaValve gives some hope for us regurgitation patients to get TAVR, but I’m not sure how far away that technology is from being used in low risk patients.
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    Foldax Continues

    Hey Bill— I couldn’t find it online yet but I assume they will post it soon. I attended a live version. The trials aren’t happening at Cleveland Clinic, their cardios just found the approvals and studies encouraging and said they’d anxiously be following the trials as they continue. My links...
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    Foldax Continues

    This is at least reason for optimism! Hopefully it does match the marketing enthusiasm, though only further studies will tell. Looking forward to that data.
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    Foldax Continues

    Foldax continues to have encouraging advancements in multiple trials, gain FDA approval, and large funding. They spoke about the very high potential of this valve in a recent Cleveland Clinic Q&A. Still a ways to go, but the first human patient for the Aortic Valve is apparently doing well. Will...
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    29yrs - valve choice and aortic aneurysm ( difficult decision due to way of life )

    Correct! My mistake, Mt. Sinai in New York(Dr Paul Steltzer and Dr El-Hamamsy) has some of the best surgeons in the world. Statistically, No one has performed more repair or Ross procedures than them and with outstanding success rates(which are of course relative and require looking into for...
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    29yrs - valve choice and aortic aneurysm ( difficult decision due to way of life )

    There is plenty of facts on here so I will just give my broad opinion and say good luck and I wish you well. It’s very sad that I keep seeing/hearing from people that are leaving this forum because it no longer feels constructive and welcoming. I know of 6 people who left this year. Really bums...