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  • Hi! Please see my response to your question I would "befriend" you, but I cannot figure out how to do that in this new format we just got a couple of days ago. So, I guess I will be a "secret pal" or something!
    The Coumadin has been OK. I had to change my eating habits to regulate my INR-PT testing results. For instance, I decided to avoid most spinach and brocolli because I could not eat the same amount every day and my readings were wildly erratic. I eat cauliflower more now because it sort-of meets my desire for brocolli, but does not make my readings crazy. I also avoid lettuce, which makes me one of those picky people when eating a salad. Sometimes I ask for special salads with tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, avacado pieces, and other low-vitamin-K items. The surprise item, not often mentioned on lists, is to avoid cranberries which make the INR readings shoot through the roof (at least for me!) I also avoid green tea, which is no small deal these days, being such a trendy item. I had to have a sort-of emergency wisdom tooth extraction and I did not bleed too much more than average, so my bleeding fears are somewhat calmed now.
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