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  • Hi Jeff! I logged back in after almost a year! I hope you are doing well since the surgery. I'm not sure if you'll get this message anytime soon, but I noticed your last message after you recovered a bit. I know when we have friends with heart problems like us we tend to only think the worse when there's no reply. After surgery we get that grateful feeling that we are alive but we never resume the quite normal status quo while the rest of the world can walk around without ever dreaming of having a heart surgery. But we are the lucky ones, aren't we? We get to experience how precious life truly is. Well I hope all is well. I'll check back soon. Take care.
    Hi Jeff

    Thanks for you post my fellow Albertan. Do not know the results of my CT scan. The angiogram was AA++, in other words clean as a whistle. I've got the pre-admin course on Jan 11. I will hopefully get a surgery date during the pre-admin course.
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