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    Staying the Course -- November 17, 2020

    Great updates all. Glad to hear you are doing well, given the C-19 circumstances. Tokyo has had a better experience than most with the pandemic, but we are all keeping a mindful eye and practicing good etiquette (100% masks adherence here, social distancing and hand washing). Thanksgiving with...
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    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    St. Jude Medical GT 3.5 yrs ago at 50. Also hopeful of TAVI procedure when a replacement is required.
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    Before and after run times

    Even though heavy (95kg) I run daily. Pre AVR surgery I was faster, but still find that with my doctor mandated max of 145 bpm I enjoy it. My best 1/2 was 1:47 and best full 3:59 (at 45). My 10 k is currently a leisurely 1 hour and 8 minutes.
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    Back to Back TAVRs

    Gregg, This is good news as far as I am concerned. I'm just over 3 year in on a St. Jude Medical GT tissue value, also 27mm and hope my next 2 rotations are TAVI (both procedures are covered under the universal healthcare systems of Japan and Canada). Good health! JCG
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    Tissue vs mechanical

    At 50 I had a tissue value (St. Jude Medical GT) installed in Japan. No air time given to mechanical. So far so good. Minimal meds. If it lasts < 10 years and OHS required I'd likely go with mechanical though.
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    Two Weeks Remain

    Wondo, You are keeping your sense of humor, key. I was not awake or in such a social setting for my shearing, but it was on of the post-op surprises. I was 3 years post op from May, all good. A positive attitude is key. Caleb
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    I have a daily dose of Sawacillin (250mg) since my AVR surgery. My IE came from my own mouth (tooth plaque). I have a mandated cleaning every 2 months, but comes around quickly!
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    Post Op Day 4

    Seastreet, I'd get some online / e-mail advice as to what to apply to it and send some pics in. Way pre COVID-19 but I had some issues with the scar area here where I went to local clinics to get it looked at, but I'd be reticent to do so currently. Hope you are feeling better with less pain...
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    Post Op Day 4

    Seastreet, My AVR was just over 3 years ago in Japan. I was like a caged animal after 2 weeks but was kept in for almost a month to treat my infective endocarditis that caused the whole issue (bacteria bored a hole in the value). Very little in the way of meds, had to plead for a couple of pain...
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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    That is why this is a great site. Even with "tribes", as noted, all keep an open mind and remain cordial. My AVR procedure was just over 3 years ago in Tokyo. Severe regurgitation from infective endocarditis meant I was effectively at the stage of heard failure upon admittance. As the Japanese...
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    Are we high risk?

    Tom, Very true re: questionable testing along with the angst of getting the test done port mortem would likely more new stress than closure for the family members in question.
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    Are we high risk?

    My Dad passed away 10th January 2020 of lung failure in hospital in Florida. He fell ill on 18th Dec 2019 aboard a Panamanian cruise which departed from Ft. Lauderdale. Family members are still insisting it was COVID-19 related, but the timing is more than a bit off (his illness being so early)...
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    IE (Infective Endocarditis) can be very dangerous to numerous organs. In my case, the bacteria came from my own mouth, tooth plaque. Often a result of oral surgery it can come from flossing or aggressive brushing as well. I was diagnosed in April 2017 and had my AVR surgery May 1, 2017 (3 year...
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    I have the coronavirus.

    Art, Glad you came out the other side, a scary disease for certain. May you have many games ahead ! Some do much worse for sure; ‘Finally, a virus got me.’ Scientist who fought Ebola and HIV reflects on facing death from COVID-19 Hopefully back to 100% soon.
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    Extreme exercise

    epstns, I am only comfortable running with a heart rate monitor, well over 200km in April. I bought wahoo which is a chest strap and phone app. Works great and syncs with my Suunto 5 smartwatch (which does read HR, but less accurately from wrist).