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    Stress echo vs regular echo

    Thank you carolinemc!
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    Stress echo vs regular echo

    Hey Pellicle, I happen to love Korean food, and their staple Kimchi, is one of my favorite probiotics!
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    Stress echo vs regular echo

    Hi VR crowd, My doc ordered an stress echo ( echo at rest, then getting heart rate up on treadmill, and another echo right after the treadmill) for me next month based on my concerns. I really want to improve my ability to exercise, but also have felt some discomfort around my heart, below it...
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    Deciding whether to have Mitral Valve Repair/Replacement Surgery

    Hi and welcome, You should definitely be monitored for MV regurgitation and see if it progresses. Usually doctors will call it if you need the surgery. I first learned about MV regurgitation when I was 28, and it was like no biggie from my doctor's perspective. The leaking kept progressing...
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    Tooth extraction and antibiotics

    Hi pellicle, and thanks for the comment. I'm not sure I understand what you mean about premeditating with 2g. amoxicillin. After my OHS, I was given an card that stated what type of drugs I should take befroe I see a dentist. I have now lost that card bu the chart there looked similar to what...
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    Tooth extraction and antibiotics

    Hope all is well on here, Hi I'm getting a tooth molding today and the front desk person suggested I don't need to take 2g of amoxicillin 1 hr prior to the appointment? Is that really ok? Secondly, Is there a different antibiotics regimen for a tooth extraction, since I was told jus tto take...
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    Tee results say no rerepair.

    Hi CindyBain, I recommend checking out Dr. Adams at Mount Sinai in New York who has a great program for mitral valve repairs (and re-repairs). I had my second MV-Repair done there.
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    Episodic "brain fog", fatigue, coordination issues post AVR surgery?

    Hello Malleus, Im sorry to hear that you have to go through this. I have experienced once something what you described. After my second MVR, about 3-4 months post-op I started noticing some moderate fatigue durning the day and some weird vision which back then I attributed to have ing to do with...
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    Length of time between echos

    6 weeks after I had my first MV repair, my surgeon and physician both said they couldn't hear anything. It was very reassuring to me, so I had my first echo 10 moths after the surgery that showed severe regurgitation.
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    MV Re-repair and physical strength

    Hi all, hope everyone is staying healthy during these trying times. I had my mitral valve re-repair and a tricuspid valve repair (was decided at the OR) at the end of January 2020, a year after my first OHS. Full sternatomy, healed well, ribs hurt occasionally and it doesn't bother me much...
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    Early tissue valve failure. Anyone else? (Also have complex issues w/ meds.)

    Hi Catie, I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with this so soon. I had my valve repaired in 10 months ago that has failed and am now facing a redo operation soon. I understand your anxiety. I have had a history of GI problems, GERD, hiatal hernia, GI bleed from misdiagnosed duodenal ulcer...
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    Mitral valve RE-repair questions

    UPD. Happy Holidays! Been meeting a surgeon at our local university hospital. Trying to learn as much as I can to make an informed decision on a valve type, since it's not likely to re-repair the valve. Also am hoping to get a second opinion with Dr. Adams' office in NY. Possibly going into...
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    Mitral valve RE-repair questions

    Thank you protimonow, tommyv44, and vitdoc! I will definitely ask my cardiologist and surgeons about getting an MRI done. I agree, that sometimes TEEs are not very accurate. My original TEE back in December was showing some vegetation mistaken as a sign of endocarditis which got me really...
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    Mitral valve RE-repair questions

    Thank you every one of you for your replies, they mean a lot and give me ideas what to do next. Now Im considering talking to a couple other specialists, cardiologists and surgeons. I was thinking about UCSF and perhaps Stanford hospital. Once I’ve got the TEE results we may visit a surgeon at...
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    Mitral valve RE-repair questions

    Hey John, Thank you for taking the time replying in such detail and your support! Also thanks for the tip mentioning Cedar Sinai, It would make more sense for us to go to Los Angeles, rather than flying across the country. I can sympothise with your situation and am sorry you have to go...