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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    That’s a great story Duffey, so pleased to hear. I tend to take things as they come - I certainly don’t sit back worrying if my tissue valves will last and that I should have gone mechanical. Whatever will be will be. Just get on and enjoy life that we have been given. If something does happen...
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    25 years Post Op Ross Procedure

    Welcome to the forum. Fantastic to hear that your replaced valve has lasted so long. I’m quite new here also so can’t offer much advice but you will find plenty here to help you through. I think we all are quite anxious before surgery but things will have changed a lot from 25 years back. Hope...
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    Good Morning everyone

    I had the same thoughts Paul, wondering why because I didn’t feel too bad. But the op wasn’t as bad as I had thought and recovery was mostly no problem. But the big plus is I’m still alive, which I may not have been the case if the surgery hadn’t happened. I’m 6 months post op after 2 valves...
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    My double heart valve replacment surgery update

    Glad to hear you’re recovering well. I had the same nearly 5 months back, both aortic and mitral valves replaced with bovine tissue. Interested to hear what type of valves you got?. They intended to repair the mitral valve but ended up replacing it due to its deteriorating state. I was quite...
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    countdown to cleveland

    You don’t ‘have to’ have a recliner but I certainly used mine for the first few weeks. I slept in a bed but often felt real uncomfortable, so got up and slept on the recliner. Helped me a lot. The hospital had me on a recliner around 8 hours after surgery so there must be something in it.
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    countdown to cleveland

    Looking forward to your upcominging posts as you head to surgery, you certainly have a great attitude which I reckon will help you through. I went in largely unprepared- didn’t know this forum existed- and came through with very little drama, you’ll do even better.
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    countdown to cleveland

    You seem to have organised things well, all the best for the upcoming surgery. I’m a lot older than you and had my surgery 5 months ago (2 valves replaced) and was really surprised how quickly I bounced back, it wasn’t such a big deal as I thought it may have been.
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    12 year Bovine valve anniversary

    Congratulations, hope it continues for a few years yet. I’ve only just had my aortic and mitral valves replaced, hope they last as well as yours, then if needed, TAVI which should just about see me out.
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    Aortic Valve Choices

    I do agree with some of what Daniel758 is saying, for a few on this forum warfarin is no problem, these are probably very well organised people who maybe are happy keeping records etc. but for what I think would be the majority, taking warfarin can be a problem. I know it certainly was for me...
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    Mitral valve surgery

    Had my mitral replaced along with the aortic valve a few months ago. The main objective was to replace the aortic and repair the mitral valve, but when they opened me up and saw the condition of the mitral they replaced that also. I believe flailing is referring to the chords holding the mitral...
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    16 years with my bovine valve

    That’s great Duffy, makes me feel the right choice was made when I had 2 bovine valves installed 3 months back. Hopefully I can get somewhere near the same and then TAVR if necessary.
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    Breathing Tube Fear

    I also was worried about waking with the breathing tube and panicking, my wife said it was in when she visited shortly after being taken to ICU. When I woke it was gone. My experience after waking up was the extreme tiredness, could only stay awake for a few minutes. I was transferred to the...
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    St Jude Trifecta failure

    So, your calling me an old bastard! Thanks Pellicle
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    St Jude Trifecta failure

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. Naturally it’s too late now but I wish I knew of this site before surgery. Unfortunately, I’m the sort of person who just goes with the flow thinking the experts know best. I’m pretty knowledgeable in my field of expertise and without doubt always...
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    St Jude Trifecta failure

    Pellicle I’m new to this so please don’t be too hard on me! Why is it that a lot of Surgeons are recommending tissue over mechanical if as you say the choice is so easy? Is there more money for the Sugeon to use specific valves, or is the surgery easier perhaps? I went into surgery thinking...