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    Whats the point.....................

    I know two people who are dying of pancreatic cancer. They would give anything to be in your shoes where a surgery would extend their lives.
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    How time flies!

    Yes it does!! Stay safe~
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    Staying the Course -- June 9, 2020

    Hello all! Enjoying your posts. Sorry about your son, Anne. Two of my daughter’s children are dealing with depression brought on in part by their mom’s alcoholism and all the chaos that entails. My grandson age 20 moved in with me two weeks ago to get away from it all. My 12 yo granddaughter...
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    I went for a cleaning exactly two weeks ago. I’d had the appointment for six months and my dentist had just reopened. I thought seriously about canceling then decided, as Paleowoman wrote, that I was more of a danger to the staff than they were to me. My temperature was taken, They gave me a...
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    Staying the Course -- April 28, 2020

    Texas has begun a reopen process with malls, restaurants, and movie theaters allowed to open at 25% capacity. How that will be monitored I have no idea. Imagine traveling to a mall or theater only to be told they’d reached their capacity and you can’t go in. Tonight’s news reports will tell how...
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    That answers my question. Thanks!
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    Staying the Course -- April 14, 2020

    I’m checking in SB! I read the storms killed 33 people. And there are now people without homes in which to shelter in place. I just count my blessings each days and say prayers of gratitude that my little world is OK. I’ve been able to work from home and draw a paycheck. So far my flight...
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    I just read two articles in two minutes about COVID19 patients near death on ventilators being successfully treated with EMCO heart-lung machines (one article called EMCO a procedure, the other called it a machine). Is this what was used for our OHS? (Sorry I can’t post links to the articles on...
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    Good News

    That’s great news! I take 7 meds for various conditions nothing special for my tissue valve.
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    TAVR Forum

    Have you tried Meetup? They have all types of groups. You can also start one there but there is a monthly fee to have one. You might also check local hospitals. Contact their social services officer. Let us know if you find one.
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    Staying the Course -- March 23, 2020

    Doing good in Houston. I’m blessed to be able to work from home. Being an introvert I’m ok with self isolation. Got my three dogs here and they are suitable company.
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    72 year old surgeon

    I don’t think you’re being silly. My surgeon had a world renowned reputation established over 30 years or more. When he spoke with my children after surgery he reported incorrectly on my procedure. I forget exactly what he misspoke but I was a bit put off by it. He’s a busy guy but that little...
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    Staying the Course -- 01/20/2020

    Nothing to add to the conversation. Just checking in 😊
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    Back on forum

    Good to “see” you!
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    Just diagnosed with Aortic Aneurysm and leaking Aortic Valve

    Sorry for the reason you are here, John but welcome. You will find tons of support. Keep us posted.