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    Thanks Duffey. Have fun
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    Larry, your signature says has Tulsa, OK listed. You an Okie? I have lots of family still down there. Graduated HS from Wagoner, 1977.
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    Today is the 15th anniversary of having a St Jude's valve replace a faulty tired mitral valve. So to celebrate, I'll probably take a nap later or something else as equally epic. Haven't post here in quite a while but I have been lurking, checking on how some folks are doing. I hope to do...
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    Networking & Brainstorming

    Did you check out USAjobs website?
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    Nausea after taking coumadin?

    Its hard to say but my instructions when I started coumadin was that if I missed a day, to not double up the next day and keep taking each day as normal and make adjustments as needed when I did the next test (weekly). If this happened to me, I would lean towards the coumadin taken earlier made...
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    I give up

    Bryan, I hope you are just taking a break and the frustration passes soon. I like Bina's suggestion, try something a little different..... maybe that will work out.
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    New to forum - MV replacement due May 17th

    Hey Chris, I had my MV replaced 12 years ago. Did the mechanical valve. As far as the enlarged heart, I was in full congestive heart failure with a majorly enlarged heart. Once the new valve was in and working, it returned to normal size. Maybe less than two months. It was normal size...
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    Atrial Flutter - my story........ so far

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    I feel really low

    I'd ditto Steve in that there is no Eureka moment. Also some things are just hard to diagnose. For me it has been diet and nutrition that has made the most difference in my attitude and emotions. How's your diet? Could you have some undiagnosed food allergy or reaction? Not all food...
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    Atrial Flutter - my story........ so far

    Come to think of it when my AF is at its worst is when I have eaten sweets. I try to avoid them are a "general" rule, but occassionally binge. I wish I could say that I can "eat just one" when it comes to certain treats. Anyway I'll have to pay more attention to this. The 5 months that my...
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    Atrial Flutter - my story........ so far

    Glad to see that my and Bryan's disagreements didn't discourage folks from joining in. We had a couple of heartfelt PM back and forth, and we both feel strongly based on the positive experiences, although different, that we each have had. Lynn thanks for the info on other factors. I'll read...
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    Atrial Flutter - my story........ so far

    Thanks for the apology Bryan. I wish the best for everyone regardless of their choices. I just appreciate the opportunity that this site allows. Not too many in the general population can relate to living with a replaced valve so its great that we can come together, share our stories and...
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    Got a copy of my report- Still gonna get a second opinion

    I was in full congestive heart failure when I had my mitral valve replaced. You are the perfect place in your life to make changes and choices to avoid what I did not. At the risk of being challenged by Bryan again. I would suggest doing more research into causes. There is a medical Dr who...
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    Atrial Flutter - my story........ so far

    Hi all, I've been lurking and occassionally posting a reply here occassionallly. Recently I was asked some serious questions about my choices regarding my Atrial Flutter treatment. So here's most of my story..... I had my mitral valve replaced with a St Jude's mechanical in 1999. Ten years...
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    Ablation scheduled

    First off my apologies to Wanda for "hi-jacking" her post by my long answers to Bryan's "Two" questions. I will start another post to continue my story. Wanda I wish you the best of luck and I do hope that your treatment is successful. Oh and Bryan, Just to be clear......I do not believe that...