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    Anyone else go through chemo after AVR?

    I am sosorry for the rough going. I know there are others wglho can help. I can say prayers, an d will. There are some who will be aloong with personal experience. This is the best place to find help and support.
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    St Judes Valve Repair or Replace

    It's so good to hear t h at you have had some successand are breathing better. Maybe you wwill better enjoy the season at home. Good wishes and prayers for contnuing improvement.
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    My Mother at 82 Just Had Her Aortic Valve Replaced.

    This is azing. I wish her the very best. A yr ago i fell and severely broke my wrist, needed surgery . Dr refused surgery because of my age! 81
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    System definitely working "crisper" today (12/02/2014)

    Just saying mornin all, in order to check
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    Do you wake up in a gown in ICU?

    Gown, facial mask of fthe throat thingy.
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    St Judes Valve Repair or Replace

    I wish you well but have no advice for you. Except on age. Last year my cardio found one of my bypasses was functioning badly and chastised me for not checking in. He replaced it with a stent via groin input and al l serms well. I was nearly 81 at the time and i know an...
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    who's online

    I am switching to vb style to check it out.
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    who's online

    Has it been this way long. I started getting stuff in email a couple months ago from VR, from posts I was subscribed to years ago. I figured it was just undergoing growing pains again like it used to when there were changes made in format. also there are a few who aren't happy with the slow...
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    New Issue - Might be a "Show Stopper" for me

    Oh, MrsBray, please don't give up. It will come back. You will never know how many people you help. You are important to VR.
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    who's online

    Once Mary mentioned it, we have had this conversation before. I never sign out so always am s i gned in and don't have to do it every time i come here. There may be 'ghosties' checkin in on us, ya think?
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    hey yall

    And it's warm n fuzzy for me, seeing everyone. And the greetings are so warm.
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    hey yall

    Nice to see you, too. So many old friends here. So much we have shared together.
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    hey yall

    Tks. Nice to see everybody. VR members seem toalways eventually pop back in. Eve Joy. Her boys were babies, her hubby was off to the wa r s. Now the boys are nearly grown and hubby is retired from service.Www
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    hey yall

    Just like me. Awful pain.