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    How Do You Stay Heart Healthy?

    Do you mean during or after sex?
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    Staying the Course -- 10/21/2019

    I’m over 6’7” and seem to have a talent for experiencing falls. That said, I’ve never been afraid or hurt from falls even some fairly nasty ones. Mostly just hoping no one saw me.
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    Staying the Course -- 10/01/2019

    Yippy, welcome back @Superbob. Recent lenses implanted during cataract surgery are clouding, quite common but usually not so soon after surgery. So getting one of the eyes lasered (YAG) next week. Supposedly quick and simple (I hope). Otherwise doing my indoor cycling 3 mornings a week...
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    Staying the Course -- September the Fuzzy Week 2019

    SuperBob, fantastic to hear from you.
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    Staying the Course -- 09/08/2019

    Looking very much forward to hearing from @Superbob. Thinking of you mate.
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    Staying the Course -- 09/08/2019

    Hi gang. Been a bit busy lately sorry and distracted. Exercise going pretty well. Aerobic activity is generally a session of stationary cycling before breakfast. Will be warm enough for swimming soon in our home pool. Light weight training / bands two sessions per week. However undid...
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    It is time... and hello again.

    Here’s a story (attached) on one of latest PEARS surgeries in Brisbane . A 36 year old personal trainer / martial arts instructor. After surgery back pumping iron and training:
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    It is time... and hello again.

    My aortic root measurement is also 4.7 cm. The hospital where my cardio practices (Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane) has become the major one of two PEARS centres in Australia. I attended a conference there where PEARS was one of the presentations. There is great excitement around the...
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    So far, so good – Part Three

    Wonderful to hear you are doing so well. Thanks for the detail of the experience which is of great interest to the likes of me who will face surgery in the future.
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    Staying the Course -- 07/22/2019

    After laying around a bit taking it easy from cataract and other minor surgery and being less diligent with dietary choices I think I may have added a little weight back on. Back onto the exercise bike today and easing back into some light weight training. Looking forward to a few days break...
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    How Do You Stay Heart Healthy?

    How do your incorporate your resistance bands with this:unsure:?
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    Staying the Course -- 07/15/2019We

    Glad to hear it went well. Just had my second cataract surgery yesterday. First eye had better than 20/20 the day after surgery but has regressed a little a week later as the eye continues to heal. Depending on each individual it can take up to 6 weeks for vision to stabilise although my...
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    BAV—Rate of Progression

    Thanks for the info. According to latest research Losartan, despite earlier research suggesting it slows progression of aortic aneurysms, has proven false. That said, since I’ve been on Losartan over three years now my root aneurysm that was growing 1 mm a year has been stable. Whether this...
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    Staying the Course -- 07/09/2019

    Had cataract surgery on my left eye on Tuesday. Good result and so far no complications. Next eye being done this coming Tuesday. Been told to only participate in light duties so no vigorous exercise and resistance training being done this week and next. With each eye having vastly different...
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    Staying the Course -- 07/01/2019

    Sorry to hear that. Although feeling a bit nervous now. I saw the eye specialist on Monday who advised my recent eyesight deterioration is due to cataracts. So left eye getting operated on this Tuesday and the right eye a week later. Being highly myopic and perhaps having a possibility of...
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