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  • Hello, I am Linda Miller, Gary's wife, I hope I am on the right site, I promised Gary I would let all of you know how the surgery went. The surgery went well and they replaced the aortic valve and as of now he is still in intensive care. I was not prepared for the condition he was in, even though my best friend had tried to prepare me for the condition he would be in. As of today he is not awake, which today is Saturday. I came home for a few minutes and I am on my way back to the hospital. Keep him in your prayers. Linda
    :confused2:Hello everyone I am New to this web site. I've been wating for 7 years to get AVR. Had many symptoms off and on during the wait. hard to know when to be concerned or to just blow it off as I've been in the ER more times than a care to remember waiting for the blood test to came back and of course its always negative. Been on the 6 month ECHO's for 2 years. My cardiologist is very highly reccomemded but sometimes I feel he might be dragging his feet a little. I'm 62 and he generally leans toward Bio valve vise the Mech. The On-x seems to be the ideal fix for me as the last cath showed no CAD and minimal LV chamber enlargement wall thickening. Had ECHO yesterday and seeing my cardiologist tomorrow. Had chest pressure and dizziness for a couple of weeks ( had it before but is worse now) Numbers are close (AVA 1.0cm, 41mm gr, milddia asendaorta 3.7) I think Im ready to tell him that we need talk to a surgeon this month if he say to keep waiting and watching. Please comment
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