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    Protimenow Update

    Sorry to hear that you had to go through something so scary but very glad that you're on the mend!
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    Mandatory in-patient rehabilitation?!

    This is crazy, you can't heal where you are. It's not good physically because of germs and it's not good emotionally. If it were me, I would first talk to a person in charge, explain the situation and hopefully they would discharge you. If they didn't want to do a discharge then I would just...
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    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    Best wishes on a smooth and quick recovery!
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    Expenses (US) for coumadin/warfarin... what should I expect?

    I'm in the US. When I buy it without insurance I pay $10 for 90 pills. I buy three sizes, 1mg, 4mg and 5mg. The interesting thing is that the price is the same no matter what strength I buy. I expected the 5mg to cost a little more than the 1mg but they don't.
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    Aortic valve repair or replacement

    Best wishes on your surgery and recovery!
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    Anxiety about upcoming surgery.

    Wishing you the best with your surgery and a quick uneventful recovery!
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    Recommendations For Home INR Machine

    I use the CoaguChek XS. I have one meter that was provided by the company through insurance. I test once a week on this meter, report my INR to the company via the internet and the company reports it to the cardiologist's office. A bit of a redundant system but that's how they set it up here in...
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    5 Year Mark

    Congrats! And Best Wishes for at least another 60 more years!
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    Anxiety about upcoming surgery.

    I had my bicuspid aortic valve replaced with a St Jude's Mechanical valve and I had a very large aneurysm rebuild. I wasn't pale and I wasn't very bloated, just my fingers and hands a little. There will definitely be many tubes and wires. The only thing that bother me a bit were the drainage...
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    Anxiety about upcoming surgery.

    I remember the same disappointment. I had surgery in October and didn't have an SVT until March. I really thought that I was done with them. I've been getting them since I was 13 and I too will probably get them for the rest of my life. Bearing down to cause pressure in order to stop them has...
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    MAYBE #3 OHS in my future...ick

    Best of luck with your surgery and a quick recovery!
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    Allow me to reintroduce myself...

    Nicole, I'm so sorry to hear about all you had to go through. You're one strong and brave woman. My heart goes out to you.
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    Plain old AVR

    Hi PAN! I have a St Jude mechanical valve. I've had it for 4 years and have never heard any clicking. As far as Warfarin goes, I test with a meter at home and it hasn't been a problem. This site, Pellicle in particular, has been of great value in learning how to maintain INR etc. Best Wishes!
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    Why I am here

    Although I don't post very often I do visit here daily. I learned more about monitoring and adjusting Warfarin here than I could have learned anywhere else. I guess I'm here for the knowledge gained from our experts, Thank You!