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    Protimenow Update

    So sorry to hear all that you went through recently. Hope this ends soon. Real scary mainly at these times. Prayers!
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    Pneumonia vaccine

    I took my pneumonia vaccine as my doctor recommended it. My arm and shoulder hurt for a couple of days, then back to normal!
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    30 years - 10/25/89

    Congratulations, Keith. Wish you many more years to come. I’m seeing my cardio every six months to keep an eye on my Aortic root! Good luck to you, to me, and to all!
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    Skipped Beats Gone, Replaced with Hard Beats

    These skipped beats are very annoying. But doctors know best when they are serious. Magnesium works great for me. Hope it will help you too. If your doctor is not worried about your skipped heart beats, then it could be due to anxiety, over stressed, etc. From Harvard...
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    Doc reversed the diagnosis

    I love your surgeon! you’re on the right track. Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Skipped Beats Gone, Replaced with Hard Beats

    You’re welcome! The adjustment of Coreg will help! My pulse went to under 50 beats during sleep on Metoprolol that caused me bradycardia that used to wake me up. Now, I feel much better since my electrophysiologist adjusted the dose (Twice). keep us posted.
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    Staying the Course -- 10/08/2019

    All the best in your recovery! Good to hear the news.
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    Skipped Beats Gone, Replaced with Hard Beats

    Johnny, You seem you’re doing well in general. Congratulations on losing weight..your heart and knees will love you for this! You’re doing well by staying hydrated. When I don’t drink enough fluids, and drink coffee I feel those strong beats too. so, I cut down on my caffeinated drinks...
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    Doc reversed the diagnosis

    Ditto! Yes, symptoms creep on us and we could relate them to other reasons!
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    TWO years for me.

    Wishing you many more healthy ones to come! For sure it helps to have someone at home to help after surgery.
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    Thank you! 12 years somehow

    Wishing you many happy and healthy returns!
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    Doc reversed the diagnosis

    When I said I was in “exact similar situation”, I was referring to the contradiction of cardios’ opinions, not to “severe stenosis”! I had severe regurgitation and had echoes every six months from March 2002 to March 2008. Surgery was in September.
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    Doc reversed the diagnosis

    Free bird, My apologies about the figure 20. Correction: my valve was moderately leaking for over 20 years. Became severe in 2002, surgery in September 2008. What determined my surgery was my consistently increasing fatigue and calcification of my aortic, and deterioration of my mitral...
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    A New Helper

    Mine goes everywhere with me, except when it’s hot! Enjoy your new company!
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    Cured Excessive Sweating after valve repair/replacement surgery?

    Excessive sweating can be caused by many factors among which are: anxiety, stress, panic attacks, hyperthyroidism, obesity, medication side effects, etc. Hopefully your anxiety and panic attacks may become much less or disappear after your surgery, if you are worrying much about your heart...
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