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    AVR done Nov 19th, Post Op Update

    Glad you made the right choice. Happy for you and hope all will be well.
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    My Medicare HMO and Blue Shield denied my request to deal with Roche where my out of pocket was to be about $3.99 for each test (minimum 3 tests/month) plus free test strips and free testing machine. It was very reasonable, but my insurance is contracted with Alere which wants to charge me over...
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    Not exactly an anniversary, but here goes anyway......

    May you continue to feel great!:)
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    Schwarzenegger had another OHS

    Rheumatic heart fever!
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    A Fib experience/advice

    Peter, I hope you stay well and healthy. It is unpredictable when these fibrillations or flutters happen. In March 2019, I had an echo and my cardio was very happy with it. In less than 24 hrs I went to the emergency for ”unspecified flutter”! Keep us posted. :)
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    A Fib experience/advice

    “Interestingly” very true indeed! I have hypothyroidism and my my endocrinologist tries to keep me at the lowest effective dose of thyroid hormones, as too much of it elevates heart rate. my cardiologist advised me to take my metoprolol in the morning for the same reason!
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    Staying the Course -- October 21, 2020

    Hope you all stay safe and healthy. I remember when I was much younger and I’d say that I liked *challenges*, some wiser/older people used to tell me that I’ll have challenges when I get older! Yup! A new challenge every now and then! My calendar has doctors’/tests’ appointments instead of...
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    a small surgical procedure (and ACT management)

    This is what I did ... twice When I had a tooth extraction and at the time of the implant!
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    Remote INR taking over Coaguchek

    What kind of insurance do you have?! Normally a card with contact info is sent together with the machine. How about the insurance form. It should mention name of the billing company. I personally found it cheaper and less hectic to buy my own machine and strips. My insurance didn’t accept Roche...
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    VitD and bio AVR

    This is an interesting post. it will easier to follow one thread instead of two, since this is, as rich01 said, is a duplicate. :)
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    Vitamin D

    Before my surgery I never was told that I needed Vit. D. My surgeon said that my AV and MV were severely calcified. After my surgery, it was recommended. Now my other two valves are calcified including the Aortic root!!! Not sure, in my case, if it’s the nature of my body, Vit. D, Calcium...
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    Vitamin D

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    Staying the Course -- October 15, 2010

    Happy *super* anniversaries to both of you, Superbob and Superman! May you have many more years to celebrate with good health. We too voted by mail. Went to our library and dropped our ballots! maybe one day we should be able to Smartly vote by smart phones/computers! :)
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    a small surgical procedure (and ACT management)

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Lab vs Home Test

    My Coagucheck Xs broke after 12 years. Before breaking, it gave me results that differed a lot from the lab, then it gave me “error” messages when I inserted a strip. I changed the strip, error message again. Bought new strips with a new chip code, I still had a few error messages Hubby changed...