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    Mayo Phoenix

    Has anyone had their surgery performed at the Mayo in Phoenix? Experience? Thanks
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    Blood Pressure Meds What Works for You?

    Pre surgery I had no significant blood pressure issues. Typically I think it averaged at a high normal. My cardiologist prescribed metoprolol in small dosage to relieve the pressure on the heart caused by the valve problem. Following surgery, June 2014, I am still on Metoprolol but not for blood...
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    Root Canal

    I had my Aortic valve replaced June of this year. This week I suddenly developed a toothache in a rear molar. Much to my surprise the dentist said that I would need a Root Canal. The high risk of dental work is bad enough but a Root Canal appears to carry the initial surgery risk along with long...
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    Minimally invasive surgery

    I believe mine was considered a median sternotomy and is exactly 3.5" directly in the center.
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    Heart Surgery sooner or later ...Considerations right or wrong

    After consulting with two local surgeons I was still uncertain how to proceed. I ended up mailing all of my test CD's and DVD's to the Cleveland Clinic for a third opinion. They should be able to make recommendations regarding both what needs to be done, when you should do it and your current...
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    Has Anyone Traveled to the Cleveland For Surgery?

    Thanks to everyone for their responses to this post and PM’s. Here is a short summary of my recent experience. June 02 Arrive, check into the Courtyard Marriot. The Courtyard is about three miles away with a very accommodating shuttle service. Fully remodeled, comfortable beds and lots of...
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    How Do You Like Your On-X Valve?

    What was the criteria that allowed Plavix instead of Coumadin? I did not realize that this was possible until the study was complete. Is anyone else doing the same? Thank You /
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    Pre Surgery Dental Check and Routine Dental Hygiene

    Most of the sites only ship to AUS or EU. Is it controlled in the US? Can you get it at Walgreens or CVS with a prescription? Thanks
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    Pre Surgery Dental Check and Routine Dental Hygiene

    It looks like it is questionable as to whether the usual over the counter products are effective at killing bacteria. Octenidine dihydrochloride and Chlorhexidine have positive test results. I have no idea how to get them. So, for over the counter its either alcohol or cetylpyridinium chloride.
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    Pre Surgery Dental Check and Routine Dental Hygiene

    As part of pre-surgery prep the Cleveland wants a dental exam for possible infection as well as a form completed by the dentist. The local surgeons never mentioned it but I think its is great that they cover every possible detail. Has anyone had the pre-surgery dental inspection? The first...
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    Has Anyone Traveled to the Cleveland For Surgery?

    Rob, Thanks for all the info. If anyone else has traveled a long distance following surgery I would sure like to hear about it. My big concern is coming home. Shuttle to the Hotel Shuttle to the Airport. Walk to the gate. Hours in a plane seat. Plane change in Chicago. Walk from gate to car...
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    Carpenter Edwards Perimount Pericardial aortic valve

    I am also leaning towards an Edwards Valve, probably the Magna. I called Edwards tech support with the same question and they were beyond clueless. They could answer no questions and kept referring me to a broken website. Here is a pdf that compares their valves...
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    Has Anyone Traveled to the Cleveland For Surgery?

    Looking into this as a possibility. Thank You
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    I have read a lot of positive feedback on the Magna valves and so far it is at the top of my list. It looks like Edwards offers several valves: Perimount Theon Magna Magna Ease 300tfx I just got off the phone with Edwards "technical support" which was completely clueless. All they wanted to do...
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    Afib ?

    Yes, yet another thread by Elgato. I have noticed that some people have had problems with AFIB. My surgeon said that it happens in 30 to 40 percent of valve recipients, that both mechanical and tissue are equally susceptible and does not matter if you never had it before surgery. He also said...