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    Extreme Anxiety, Minimally Invasive, Ross Procedure, and Life Expectancy

    Gina, I'm a bit late to the party but if you are still checking this - has anyone talked to your son about a valvuloplasty? That is the procedure I had 19 years ago for mitral stenosis. Similar to an angioplasty for a blocked blood vessel, they use a balloon to open up the stenosis on the...
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    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    Wow I'm been off the group for a while I guess! Congrats ShezaGirlie. I'm so happy for you. And thanks for helping to clear the way for me to get one of those same valves if I need one : )
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    Routine tooth cleaning - Precautions

    The American Heart Association guidelines changed for me too. When I was first diagnosed they said premed for cleaning. Now routine cleaning is no longer on the list. I still have my native, repaired valve.
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    Staying the Course: Romantic Month of June, 2021 Edition

    Having fun here exploring a new hobby of backpacking. First trial hike worth the loaded pack today. 101 degrees that is a real Challenge for this Minnesota girl! But it went fine and was fun. Looking forward to first trial overnight in a couple weeks to have fun with all the new gear.
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    At a CROSSROADS. (31 years of age)

    It’s both reassuring and disconcerting to need the A Team. Hang in there.
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    At a CROSSROADS. (31 years of age)

    That's rough, meanjellybean. I'm glad you're finally scheduled though it's not good you had to have in ER event AND develop a disease to get to the front of the line. Thinking of you and wishing you a safe, effective and smooth surgery tomorrow.
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    Staying the Course: Merry Month of May 2021 Edition

    So sorry to hear about Ellie, Superbob. Definitely thinking of you and of her and wishing her comfort.
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    aortic stenosis and heart beats per minute.

    I always figured it was just me, those targets are just guides. But now I’m wondering if it’s stenosis related and how my body has adapted.
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    aortic stenosis and heart beats per minute.

    Interesting, my heart rate has always spiked much higher than the standard formulas with exercise (primary issue is mitral stenosis). This is even when resting heart rate is 60. If I am in a supposed “training zone” I am not even walking fast and breathing normally. If I run it goes over the...
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    Mental recovery

    Yes, mortality. Having teens and young adults all around me, they are constantly saying “I’m going to DIE!” due to strong emotions. I always say “Well yeah but hopefully not today.” Perspective helps.
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    Covid Vaccines

    Kim, you’re not responsible for other people’s rants. Carry on being you ❤️
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    Mental recovery

    I think it might relate to self concept. Though I’m not particularly athletic I always thought of myself as a “sturdy girl” and the idea that I had health issues did require some mental reframing.
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    Mental recovery

    Here are a couple practical tips for breaking free of rumination from Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why it Matters, and How to Harness It, the book I am currently reading, by Ethan Kross. Get DISTANCE from your thoughts by the following: --Imagine yourself 10 years from now, will this...
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    Cleveland Clinic valves?

    Hasn't been my experience at all, like I said above -- always been able to get doctors, teachers and other to work with me, whether through luck, my approach or a combination I couldn't say. Definitely a huge advantage in terms of care.
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    Exercise Test

    I had a treadmill test (with echo) once because I thought it was becoming symptomatic but really my feelings of shortness of breath were anxiety related. Normally just lying down echos but they ordered the treadmill one based on what I was describing.