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    Blood Pressure Medications

    Thank you for the information. Nephro said Lisinopril more kidney friendly. I wish I had my own Docs from home but will be seeing a GP here end of month and from replies from London Andy and Tom, feel more comfortable asking to change over to Lisinopril with my AVR. Thank you both.
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    Blood Pressure Medications

    I am out of state for the next few months and away from my doctors. I had a GI bleed and was hospitalized over Christmas while out of state. (Coumadin, Plavix and ASA) In the process, they found that I have Poly Cystic Kidney Disease Stage 3. I saw the local Nephrologist and he mentioned...
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    I have packed my Warfarin in weekly, plastic med boxes for many years. Have often wondered if a degradation of ingredients would occur when not in sealed med bottle?
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    Remedy for Bruising

    Oh Freddie, thats too simple. I live with ice on some part of my body! Need something that works quicker. Saw they had some kind of bruise cream advertised.
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    Remedy for Bruising

    Do I get this! Especially, deep muscle bruising as when I drop my cell phone on my foot. I frequently have black eyes from rubbing my eyes (allergies) and feel terrible going out with my husband. I look like a domestic violence victim with all the bruises and short sleeves in summer!! Since clot...
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    counter intuitive solutions which follow evidence....

    Hey Colonial Boy, You are scaring me. I hope its not too much of the 2014 McLaren Vale Shiraz causing memory loss. Wonder if this is what captured epstns's interest? No, its the science, Im sure. Why are you so low with one dose missing? What are your parameters? Mine are tight at 3.0-3.5. Of...
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    I am concerned about the "vanilla Boost". You mentioned taking it to keep Vit K levels up. What...

    I am concerned about the "vanilla Boost". You mentioned taking it to keep Vit K levels up. What is the status of the nutritional supplement?
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    Dosing thoughts?

    Are you still on the Boost?
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    Diverticulitis and Coumadin.

    Glad to see you are not afraid to take Vit K but hope you INR self test or get tested at lab often until your diet stabilizes for awhile. Plus, the meds you have been on. Not sure of Augmentin interations. Sorry the mother/nurse came out. I'm sure you know the deal.
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    Diverticulitis and Coumadin.

    Thanks Marc for the update. Glad we don't have to use you as a "testing ground" . Good luck and imagine you are on antibiotics now?
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    Diverticulitis and Coumadin.

    Oh Mark, sorry for your situation. Do you know what area the bleeding is in? Have they confirmed its from a diverticuli? Please keep us informed as the solution might be of use to us. Thanks and hope this resolves itself soon.
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    Surviving the nightmare ✌

    Whew, not the Pellicle I know! He was my major support and informant using the most scientific methods and studies of the use of AC. Don't know what I would have done without his knowledge and support. He is my Coumadin Whisperer and being an RN know his facts were on target. I think there is a...
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    Surviving the nightmare ✌

    Harriet, I just saw your story and as I had a "scare" last year, I can so relate to what you are going through. You live in a state of exhaustion and apprehension. I am glad to see you are getting about and you are getting good MDs. I still have up to 18 iron infusions a year for bleeding issues...
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    Home Testing Machine---Recommendations??

    Recommend Coagucheck XS. I had major issues with In Ratio as they recalled machine as it Is not accurate if you have certain conditions. I was in Cardiac ICU for a week and in the hospital for a month total. I am using Coagucheck and am very happy to be free of Alere. Good luck and I am sure...
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    Keep njean in your prayers

    Positive thoughts being sent to Norma who has been so supportive during the years of VRC.