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    Cardiac tamponade

    I went thru this surgery when I was 31 and when there was no such thing as "after surgery counseling" (1967).......I was just wheeled down to the hospital exit and the nurse wished me well. Encourage your fella to take advantage of aftercare will help. Big boys don't...
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    Only 28 years for me...

    Congrats Protimenow. With your knowledge of INR management I have no doubt that you'll have many more years with your valve.
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    52 years on ONE valve

    Now the question is.....who was Bob Hope?:rolleyes:;)
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    52 years on ONE valve

    Thanks Mina. I know what it's like to have a surgery like this and not be able to get any info except thru medical professionals who really don't understand the problems that the scalpel couldn't fix. I gave up trying to predict my life expectancy when I turned 50, about 20 years after...
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    Alcohol pads yes or no

    Good question. I have always just washed my hands under warm water. I went thru my CoagXS owners manual and can't find anything about NOT using alcohol. I did find a tele number 1-800-428-4674, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Roche Diagnostics Technical Service.......they should know. Come...
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    Sorry Pel, I can't.......don't know how and to old to learn how to post pics, but I'll describe. Warfarin is filled in pharmacy bottles locally from a larger container. Both the 1mg and 5mg are manufactured by TARO. My Rx for the 5mg is for 90 pills and the 1mg is 30 pills (I only take a...
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    Never ending INR issues- warning LONG post

    WOW!! You may have a meter problem, drug issue or INR issue......but I'd find a doctor real quick that can get a handle on that kind of erratic and HI INR..........especially on 1.5mg.
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    52 years on ONE valve

    I gave up on that.............besides, Guiness seems more appropriate for "most hot dogs eaten in two minutes" or "the longest fingernails" a guy in India (must be 5+ feet long) or the one my grandaughter's husband holds (fastest car driven in reverse). He used to be an "open wheel" race car...
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    52 years on ONE valve

    A Starr-Edwards valve like mine started the Edwards Lifesciences Co. about 1960. They have moved into the tissue valve market (where the big money is) and have little interest in promoting mechanical valves.....even one of theirs The UK Med Ctr put me in touch with our local newspaper...
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    52 years on ONE valve

    Today marks 52 years since I got my "ping pong ball aortic valve" installed......8/16/1967-8/16/2019. At my age of 83+ I now check the newspaper obituaries see if my name is there yet ;) and notice that most of the folks listed are younger than me, so I guess my AVR can be...
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    The more different doses of warfarin you keep on hand means the greater the chance to grab the wrong pill. I keep 1mg and 5mg on hand. Mine are Tara brand and are scored to easily break evenly. These two tablets allow me to take virtually any strength from .5mg to 10mg. I try to keep my life...
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    Staying the Course -- 08/12/2019

    When I had the surgery in 1967 I had a front upper partial (4 teeth).........never take a swing at a guy who is holding a pair of roller skates in his hand 'cause you will loose. I am sure it was removed and I probably didn't get it back for a couple days.:giggle:
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    I'd recheck my INR to verify hi INR. If the INR(4.9) is correct......hold a dose and recheck in 3-4 days.....if still hi, call your doc.
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    Getting Ready For 2nd AVR - 29 Years Old

    Hi John and welcome. I am one of those that have lived more than 50 years on one mechanical valve. In fact, in a week it'll be 52 years. I was 31 when I got it and would do it today if I was 31 again. If and when they come up with the "magic bullet" in the future you can take advantage of...
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    New to Coumadin and vitamin K

    My range is and has been, since the inception of the INR system 2.5-3.5 and I prefer staying just under 3 but anywhere in my range is OK. I haven't had a stroke since1974, years before the INR system, when anticoag management was pretty much done by "seat of the pants". I have never had an...