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    Longevity and quality of life

    Hi JannerJohn. Glad to see you. This is a great forum for advice on living with an artificial valve. I have had my aortic mechanical valve for 53+ years.....same valve. I had an aortic aneurism diagnosed a couple years ago but declined surgery due to my age (mid 80s). If you are like most...
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    Mechanical valve 36 years after Hodgkin Lymphoma

    Welcome Bluetux. Glad to see another European on the forum. If I understand your post you recently had your mechanical aortic valve implanted. You will find a lot of useful tips for living successfully with your valve on this forum.
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    56 and asymptomatic and in shock!

    Welcome to the forum. You seem to be doing everything "by the book" so far. Consult with your docs in order that you can understand the options of fixing your problem and then "git 'er dun". OHS(Open Heart Surgery) has been around for several generations with an increasing array of solutions...
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    Pacemakers after Aortic Valve Replacement

    I had my surgery long before pacemakers came on the market and have never had a doctor mention a need to consider one. I was diagnosed with chronic A-fib a few years ago but it is being treated successfully with medication. I know of many other people that have not required pacemakers after...
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    Colloidal silver okay with blood thinner, Clopidogrel?

    Sounds like a doctor question to me. I'd ask his PCP.
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    Vitamins anyone?...

    I was recommended a multi-vitamin "One Daily Essential" by my cardio twenty years ago.....I still take that vitamin. It does not contain vit. K altho I now think the small amount of vit K per capsule could help with keeping INR in range. It is a pretty common vitamin that can be found at most...
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    Two weeks to live...50yrs ago

    Hi Soulfeelings and welcome to the forum. Really glad to see ya! I've still got you beat......but I got a hunch you will be "blowing by me" in the future. My 2 grown sons also have three grown children AND they have given us 5 GREAT GRANDCHILDREN as well.....so tell your grandkids to hurry...
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    Age of Mechanical Valves

    LOL.......Welcome to the forum Jholt. When I got mine I was hoping for 20 years and wasn't aware that they could replace the valve they put in me if or when the first valve wore out.....that means I thought I had a future life expectancy of age 51. At 85 and in the twilite years something is...
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    My journey thus far

    When I had the surgery life expectancy for a person born in 1936 (my birth year) was 73.....I blew thru that 12 years ago. My "normal life expectancy today is 78.....I blew thru that 7 years ago. My current age is 85 and I really don't pay much attention to life expectancy stats...
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    Sudden valve replacement, Asymptotic

    Knowledge is power. The more you read about your new reality the more you will come to understand that your new valve will have little impact on your life or lifestyle. BTW, this forum is my only "must read" source of info about living with artificial valves that is in lay terms and written by...
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    10 year anniversary!

    Congrats! Edwards builds very good valves.
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    How much Warfarin Amount do you take?

    At age 85 I now take 5mg/day with a small adjustment dose of +/- 2.5mg a few times a year. When I was young, in my 40s/50s I took +/- 10mg daily......I was a lot more physically active then🤪.
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    A slight crisis of confidence

    I was asymptomatic at the time of my surgery. My two sons were 6 and 8 years old when I had my Aortic valve replaced....now they are both around 60.......and I have 3 grandkids and 5 great-grandkids as well. I would not be typing this had I not had the surgery. My mechanical valve is now 50+...