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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    :LOL::p:poop:++++++! Funniest truism I've ever seen. One option(mechanical) requires another of several pills I take each day for reasons unrelated to my mechanical valve.(n) One option(tissue) requires multiple surgeries and, probably, the eventual use of an anticoagulant...
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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    I am reminded of an old adage.........."youse has your druthers and youse takes your picks". If I were young again I would definitely still pick "mechanical". If I were old and had to choose I would probably pick "tissue".
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    INR has been 1.77 for two weeks...

    At 3-l/2 months your body is returning to normal and that will have an effect on your INR dosing. The adjustment from 22.5 to 31.25 mg per week was a big adjustment (40%) and the drop in INR should be expected. Try adding 15-20%/wk and bring it up more slowly. The 1.8s your getting are ok so...
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    I went to my dentist this past Monday for my twice annually cleaning. Like "honeybunny" the dental office took many safeguards to protect my health......and theirs.
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    14 Year Anniversary!

    Happy fourteenth milestone and getting your kids thru you can look forward to the grandkids. They are a lot less trouble.......and they go home after a couple of hours;).
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    'Coumadin Clinic?' Maddening

    On my plan with Roche (Coaguchek Patient Services) my insurance (Humana Medicare Advantage) only pays Roche $43.98 per month for weekly testing ($11/test). I pay a copay of $11 for the 4 tests......Roche writes off the balance of $195.02. I have long wondered why health care providers bill...
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    Test Strip Supplier?

    Ebay is a good source if you do not want to go thru a service. If you are on Medicare, the INR service is an approved and covered plan. I am on medicare Advantage plan and my out-of-pocket cost is about $14 per month and I test weekly. If you are not on Medicare, some insurers "balk" at paying...
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    Are we high risk?

    Me too:cool:
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    New but Lurking for Months!

    Welcome "heartlikeawheel". I think you will find this forum the best site for info and on:).
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    Just a simple 1 year now

    Congratulations on #1..........there will be lots more to come :D!!
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    Home monitoring for coumadin. I have a mechanical heart valve

    I take Tylenol daily for spinal pain and have never noticed any effect on INR.
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    Longevity after heart valve replacement

    My understanding is that the majority of valve replacements are done on folks older than 70.......and these folks probably have other conditions as well. Your stats indicate that 89.7% are still alive after 2 years......and 25.7% are still alive after 20 years+.......that seems to mean that, on...
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    52 years on ONE valve

    My Starr-Edwards "ball-in-cage" valve was designed and built by a young heart surgeon Albert Starr and a young electrical engineer Lowell Edwards and the design relied heavily on an 1858 patent for a "bottle stopper". I think it did make a clicking sound in the beginning.........but I haven't...
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    Hospital Video

    Unfortunately, this is a "throwback" to an earlier time when INR testing was by vein draw and lab testing only......and it was a pain in the ass.....going into the docs office, waiting in the "waiting room" for my time, getting a vein draw, and waiting a couple days for...
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    Home monitoring for coumadin. I have a mechanical heart valve

    In the past, I used various "pen" type lancets that sometimes did not produce a good droplet. A few years ago, my service provider, Coaguchek Patient Services sent me a box of single use "T" shaped lancets 1.8 mm depth, 23 gauge/0.63 mm. Rather than producing a tine "hole" the lancet slices a...