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    Question about daily aspirin for tissue valver's

    There is a contraindication for motrin and aspirin combination in regards to the platelet function. The motrin/Advil counteracts the platelet affects that the 81mg of aspirin have. If you are on aspirin therapy you should not take motrin. Tylenol and a higher dose of aspirin are fine... you can...
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    I have become surly.

    Hey there-- I think what you are going through is normal. You "saw the light". You know that life is too precious to be filling it with BS. The only problem is your "filter button" got turned off, so those things that everyone else thinks-- you say and do. It's hard, but relearning those...
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    Update on Sammy....

    So we had Sammy's post surgical follow up visit here (in Portland) last week. He has some fluid around his heart. The doctor seemed moderately concerned and upped his aspirin to 650mg every 6 hours. We go back on Monday for another echo to see if the fluid decreases, remains the same, or...
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    sudden onset petit mal seizures after surgery??

    Sammy has started having non-responsive "staring" episodes that they think might be absent seizures or petit mal seizures. He's never had them before. Does anyone have experience with this after surgery? His heart rate goes way up while it is happening....
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    sammy's surgery went well...

    He's. Doing well. Extubated at 2am. Going to get the chest tubes out later today and maybe go for a short walk...maybe. definately should be walking tomorrow. I will update later. Thanks to all of you.
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    Having surgery in about 1 week.

    Welcome to the site! There is a great "sticky" in the post op forum with ideas on what to do for your home. It's nice to hear from people who have actually gone through the procedure as to what they wanted/needed and appreciated. I know people keep talking about a wedge-- I found a mattress...
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    Preparing the home... anyone try the mattress genie?

    I'm (still) getting things ready little by little so that after the surgery Sammy will be comfortable. I found a Mattress Genie at Costco for a twin bed for $65. It has a little remote and raises the head of the mattress to various levels. His bed has a memory foam mattress on it... so I figure...
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    Sammy's surgery is scheduled!

    Thank you all so much. It's the nerve-wracking weeks before surgery... I came down with a cold (hoping it's just a stress thing and not contagious) and I have the urge to repaint everything--very similar to that "nesting" things you get when you're pregnant --I'm not pregnant, so it must be...
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    Sammy's surgery is scheduled!

    Forgot something! The hope is that this surgery will last him until the "stent" that contains an aortic valve is approved for pediatrics... apparently they've been working on it for a while, are just starting to use it on adults, and are hoping to use in in kids in five or more years.... The...
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    Officially moving to the pre-surgery forum as we have a date!

    September 7, 2010 is our surgery date. Dr. Laks at UCLA will be performing the surgery. I posted in the other forum. Thanks for all your support.
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    Sammy's surgery is scheduled!

    UCLA---> here we come! Sammy will be having the autologous pericardial leaflet extension on September 7, 2010 at the Ronald Reagan UCLA building in Los Angeles. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Hillel Laks. On August 13th we had our consultation and found out that the enlargement of the...
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    Valve Repair for a bicuspid?

    It highly depends on the type of "repair" and your tissue... among other things. My son is being evaluated for an autologous pericardial leaflet extension. Studies on this procedure have lead to 50% of study subjects NOT needing further surgical intervention at the 18 year mark. The outlook is...
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    wow - pre op went way better than I thought ! surgery tomorrow!

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow! I'm sure all will go smoothly and we'll see you in the post surgery discussions soon! Good Luck!
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    *sigh* can't get my husband's primary to take him seriously

    I called and changed his primary care physician to an internal med physician today. Tomorrow I will call and make him an appt. Maybe that doc can look at the ekg that was performed and at least give us some kind of an opinion. I can't believe that doctor never even called to say she looked at...
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    Confused, scared, bewildered and overall dumbfounded! Never knew I had a problem

    Wow. Just take good care of yourself. What a shock. Just remember a job isn't worth your life. Neither is money. You are more important than either of those things. If you're a carpenter, maybe you can position yourself to transition into doing bids and estimates-- or something a little more...