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    My mvr story so far.

    Hi Pete, where are you located in England. You have a choice to use choose and book option via gp and you could go to any surgeon and any hospital. NHS is having a big back log and if you want to do a private echo and have the results there and then ask your gp to refer you to a BHUPA clinic ...
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    Thank you Sir
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    9 years St Judes valve

    Brilliant guys 👏👏
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    Aortic aneurism with bicuspid valve - options in 51 year old

    I had a valve saving surgery I.e David’s procedure. Had a redo after 3 yrs and replaced the native valve with mechanical valve. I have been taken wafarin and I have been managing it ok. If I could take time back I would have gone for a mechanical valve the first time and avoided the stress and...
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    I go back to work on 27.6. That would make it just abit over 8 weeks I think. But things really got better after week 6
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    Early 30s, 3 strokes over 7 years of On-X

    Just to check happy mesandra do you take a aspirin alongside and if so what dosage?
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    This time around it was a completely different experience. One episode I clearly remember and would love to warn others , who are sensitive to magnesium that please remind the nurses to give magnesium in small doses. I was give in one short the allocated quantity this increased my heart rate and...
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    You need to be seen on a regular basis to keep up with your condition. Not good to ignore heart health. You need to go every 6 months to a years. Please see about going to a cardio soon for at least a checkup. Thanks for your response Carolinemc
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    The nurses started shaving my legs and had completed both my legs when the surgeon came and told me that the surgery would need to be cancelled. There is a women who would drop dead if he didn’t operate on her. But I was pleased that I got to meet my surgeon again and discuss the plan of action...
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    2nd Surgery coming Up

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    2nd Surgery coming Up

    Hi Timmay I have got a 21mm On-x I am 5.8 and 75 kg is this is a ok size of valve. What information you have regarding valve size and how does it affect the durability This time around was my second surgery and I suppose root expansion was abit difficult due the complexity following my first...
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    My second valve replacement

    Fully agree .
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    Severe Aortic Regurgitation Leading to Second Surgery

    All the best skier 👍
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    Resting Heart Rate

    Hi Eva, what is the reason for your LV to be severely dilated. My LV was severely dilated post my first surgery. My native BVA had prolapsed. This result in severe regur. Hi Eva, I think you need to further investigate the reason for your dilated LV. Echo would be a good start followed by a CT...
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    Howdy - AVR coming up!

    Good luck DJ-Rae09