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    MItral Valve Repair

    They do alot more test then an MRI. Never had an MRI for repair or valve replacement.
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    MItral Valve Repair

    Not true! clips are available I'm having one done I a few days. Going up through the groin. I was told that the clips will last a long time they grow into the layer or skin. The rings don't last but they're not doing rings anymore. Please be investigating before you make no true comments. I...
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    Message from the other side!

    Congratulations! One day at a time. Each day gets better. ❤️
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    Second-guessing the timing of a second-surgery

    Agree with statements above. I have a severely leaking Tricuspid valve.. found in April if this year. Not any symptoms at the time. Surgeon is talking about repair because of putting stress on the heart and my other two valves that are mechanical. Had a TEE done and showed some enlargement of...
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    Your advice is sought!

    I had my surgery done at Stanford. Wonderful Surgeon, nurses, the way they treated me the patient but my family members also. Would recommend Stanford for heart surgery to anyone that needs it done.
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    Lumps and bruises

    I think things jump out at me when I'm not looking to give me bruises that unexplainable. Sometimes I get alot sometimes not. Sometimes big or small. Sometimes bruise is just a bruise other times it's got a hard bump in the middle. I've talked to my Cardiologist about it and he said there's not...
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    81 mg aspirin no longer recommended?

    My Cardiologist has never said for me to stop taking it. What can it hurt? So why the uproar about it. If your Cardiologist days you don't need it the don't take it. I've been taking it for 14years I don't have a problem with it. Guess it's your own performance.
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    St Jude Valves

    I have two mechanical valves since 2006. Have had no problems. Think St. Jude's is a great choice.
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    20 days postop still on 02

    I was on oxygen all the way up to surgery. Surgeon said it was too keep my lungs healthy and not put strain on heart. After surgery never had oxygen again. Never had a problem with my lungs since. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Duffy.
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    Every Monday morning sorry.
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    I love my INR machine..I do the testing every morning and report it to the Doctor. As long as I'm in range there's no problem. Out of range might need adjusting. Better then going to the lab every week..Best machine invented. 😊
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    I will be 14 on Sunday!

    Happy 14th! May your have many more years of a healthy heart and life. ❤️🙏
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    Hi Duffy how are you doing? I remember you from years ago. Hope you are doing well. Nice to be...

    Hi Duffy how are you doing? I remember you from years ago. Hope you are doing well. Nice to be on the VR replacement again. Blessings to you.
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    Tricuspid valve repair

    Tomorrow I go see my Cardiologist. About the next step on getting my Tricuspid valve repaired..I have been looking into the Robotic procedure. I pray I don't have to have my sternum cracked open again. My Echo and TEE showed severely leaking and enlarge right side of my heart. If anyone has had...
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    13 years this month of June. Two mechanical valves St Jude's. Blessed to be Alive.

    Thank you Eva and Duffy. It has been a journey.
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